Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Graham Harris propaganda for sheeple

Despite a track record in the Venture marketplace that speaks massive volumes all on it's sickening own, Mr. Graham "Punchy" Harris has seen the need to engage public types with a personal website extolling his many virtues.

Tis appearing our hero is flogging real estate these days.

Completely useless hot air aside we have a current line-up of Mr. Harris's giant and ongoing "successes" and, well, case closed.

"Currently sits on the board of ERA Carbon Offsets, Redhill Resources Corp, Cap-Ex Ventures Ltd., and High North Capital Corp."

Red Hill (as ATW Gold) was looted completely and fully stupid and is now $ .04 bid. Cap-Ex Ventures was looted completely and fully stupid and is at 52 week lows. High North hasn't been unleashed on the public yet (to be looted stupid) and the last stinks in principal with this caliber of "management".(and is probably being looted)

Naturally Mr. Harris's website doesn't work worth a damn, which reflects Mr. Harris abilities perfectly in this opinion.