Saturday, January 12, 2013

AgoraScam ReDouble Scam Redux Part II

The GreekTards spew about their "6 rules" but this is the true manner of offensive public verbal stupidity that tells the tale ...

"I believe this blog, and its allegations are serious enough for Elmer to consult his lawyers

I believe a number of these assholes have just executed a reverse pump and dump, a short and buy"

This particular AgoraScam retard has managed to COMBINE a potty mouth AND a conspiracy theory. Takes some very special brainsmarts no?


George Tsiolis
Latest from George "Tsibouki" Tsiolis and the rest of the horrid, sickening PoS criminals at AgoraScam is the pre-emptive removal of profiles that have the unmitigated gall to report the many daily thefts of Ed Steer and Casey Research material. (it goes back 4 years)

article by Ed Steer Golden Minerals Company Feb 15, 08 04:53AM

Thats right citizens, a body doesn't even need to say a single word on that fraud site now ... simply complaining about the FACT AgoraScam are stealing is enough to get one permanently banned.

From: "" To:
Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2013 10:19 AM
Subject: [Agoracom] Violation report

Thank you for your recent violation report and participating on AGORACOM. We have had the opportunity to review the message in question and have determined that it does not constitute a violation as per our 6 Rules of Use (
Please do not let this decision discourage you from reporting future messages that you believe to be in violation of our 6 Rules of Use as we take every potential violation very seriously.
Thank you for your vigilance and helping to keep our forums clean and constructive for the benefit of all AGORACOM members.
Keep up the great work!
George, Paul and the AGORACOM Team

It was the "Paul" character busted red-handed by the OSC for spying, and he was SUPPOSED to resign and be gonzo. Looks like he's still around, probably spying.

Lets call a group of wicked greasy GreekTard criminals what they truly are shall we? AgoraScam is an offense against the public interest that SHOULD be shuttered for the protection of the public. A scam job since day one, and even shining the light on these utter scumbags does no good whatever, they run gleefully under another rock.

Na mou klaseis ta'rxidia - May you fart on my balls

Skopianos - Dickhead

Tiz yai yasu kolo trichas - Your granny's arse hairs

arxidi - testicle or "bastard" 

George Tsiolis
Of course we all know that Agoracom has been busted by the OSC for having employees posting nonesense daily for paying customers. And we also know that during the OSC investigation it was found out they were spying on users private messages as well.

Some Agoracom threads are controlled by pumping idiots, some directly connected to paid corporate IR dipchits ..  a proven fact.

Latest VERY long running scamola from AgoraScam is to allow the reproduction of material that belongs to others on their site, material that is either copyright or subject to "terms of use".

I refer to the serious retard "gwr1" ( on the Golden Minerals (AUM.t) thread. ( This individual has been reposting DAILY and for many months, the work of Ed Steer of Casey Research. (among others) This individual cares not at all that he is a shameless thief, and neither do the GreekTards at Agoracom, who despite numerous complaints, feel there is nothing they need to be concerned about.
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It is this opinion that AgoraScam should have been shut down long ago for the protection of the public. The public interest is being battered continually by an enterprise that is fully corrupt, useless, and a disgrace. Its sole purpose is the pumping of dead worthless paper, and we know this because only a scamola company would pay the ridiculous GreekTard grease to begin with.

We know of ANOTHER complaint on its way to the OSC, and all a body can hope for is that they finish the job they started and shutter that dopey fraud site once and for all in the badly bruised public interest.

George Tsiolis