Sunday, March 17, 2013

David De Gouveia - aka "coffintrader" nailed

Sickening ultra long term public chat site slug "coffintrader" has been nailed with prejudicial gusto by the ASC for manipulating paper.
"The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has found that David De Gouveia breached Alberta securities laws and acted contrary to the public interest by creating a false or misleading appearance of trading activity in, and artificial prices for, Magellan Minerals securities.

An ASC panel found De Gouveia engaged in a pattern of trading that involved: upticks (trading at a higher price than the immediately preceding trade); high closes (closing trades on an uptick); wash trades (acting as both seller and purchaser in the same transaction); and uneconomic trades (selling and then immediately buying shares at a higher price.)

In its decision, the ASC says that Gouveia published favourable commentaries, comments and blogs about Magellan Minerals Ltd. on the website Stockhouse.
Uptake? These be shark filled waters citizens and we have already proven conclusively what manner of horrid bottom-sucking scuzzy-bags are ready to take yer money. Mr De Gouveia thought fleecing sheeple was far better than actually working for a living ... welcome to the Venture exchange citizens.

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So we gave this matter the once over and our guy scores massive big points for being a dipchit, otherwise this is another waste of the regulator's time. The problem in Canadian securities has NADA to do with tards playing daily with board lot trading shenanigans.