Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ancient gold coins, gold plate, found in India

A total of 117 ancient and priceless gold coins, a small gold plate and two silver anklets were found in an agricultural field in a village in Kadambur block in Sathyamangalam taluk.
The coins reportedly belong to the period of the Vijayanagara dynasty but this is yet to be confirmed by officials of the Archaeology Department. A group of workers stumbled on a pot which contained the treasure, when they were harvesting tapioca tuber in a field in Karaliyam, a village located inside the Kadambur forests in Sathyamangalam block, about two weeks ago.
The Vijayanagara empire was an Indian empire that existed from 1336 through 1660. It was founded by Harihara (Hakka) and his brother Bukka Raya. The empire is named after its capital city Vijayanagara, now Hampi in modern Karnataka, India.