Monday, April 1, 2013

Romanian gang sentenced for £1million gold robberies

A judge warned eastern European criminals today that British courts would not be a “soft touch” as he jailed a Romanian gang for a £1million gold robbery campaign.

The ten gang members came to the UK specifically to commit the crimes and had not done a day’s legitimate work while here, Old Bailey Judge Timothy Pontius said.

He gave them sentences totalling 82 years and ten months despite the young crooks pleading guilty and having no previous convictions. The judge said the gang had entered the UK as European Union citizens with the intention of robbing jewellery shops of large amounts of high-quality gold. The court heard how the gang would target Asian jewellers and would steal mostly 22 carat gold items.

Only a fraction of their haul had been recovered from the six raids or attempted raids - leaving the robbers with £1 million.