Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Pereshchepina Hoard

The Pereshchepina Hoard
The Pereshchepina Hoard was discovered in 1912 in the village of Mala Pereshchepina in the Poltav region of the Ukraine. A shepherd boy fell into sand up to his chest into what is assumed to be the grave of Kubrat, the founder of Great Bulgaria and father of Asparuh, the founder of the First Bulgarian Empire.

The 800 piece trove contains finely crafted gold artifacts that exceeds 21 kg and 50 kg of silver. (42 pounds, 110 pounds)

Items ranged from 300 to 670 AD and are objects of Byzantine, Persian and Barbarian origin. Three gold rings are engraved with the monogram of Kubrat, and his 400gm gold patrician buckle and sword were found.

All finds were taken to the Hermitage Museum.