Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vette350 - Career Copper Fox K9 Cheerleader

Career Copper Fox Metals (CUU.v) retard "Vette350" has suddenly reappeared from beneath a rock to spew more of the sweet nothings of a horrid, possibly crooked PoS ...

Yes indeed. Literally YEARS of spewing on AgoraScam, Stockhouse, Silicone Investor and likely everywhere else too. BoyoTard was on hiatus for a while, prompting some to assume the OSC complaint against this highly organized stupidity was flushing out the worst of the turds. No such luck as the logs continually float to the surface.

This monkey believes said highly retarded types are most likely just lifeless, stuck public dopes ... 100% desparate to turn their chit into caviar. Conspiracy theories may hold some water here, but damn it is, where do these fools continually come from?
The clock is running down on Ernesto and everybody else holding this paper. Chop a couple hundred million off that dopey market cap and its STILL overpriced. Dollars to donuts there will be retards exactly like Vette350 STILL spewing about the wonderful "cheap shares" that are available because of the "basher conspiracy" when CUU craters.