Monday, July 15, 2013

J. Frank back on the trail, almost

Mr. J. Frank Callaghan reports


The cease trade order issued by the B.C. Securities Commission to Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. on Aug. 14, 2012, has been revoked, effective July 15, 2013.

How on earth is J. Frank gonna lasso live ones to pay back that massive large debenture this co owes now? Hmmmmm. How about a few 50/50 draws? No?

No doubt J Frank has a brand new plan for world domination of public types. A man of his massive holeular caliber will take this very minor setback to reshapen his traction, define his momentum and strengthen his acceleration to achieve even MORE Venture milestones. (wowers)

"During the year, Barkerville paid Mr. Callaghan $240,000 in salary, plus $1.59-million in fees to companies owned by him. His salary was unchanged from the previous year, but fees decreased from $6.54-million in 2012. Also last year, his son, Sean, received a $37,000 salary, while his daughter, Sarah, received $15,000. The documents do not say what positions the young Callaghans hold with the company."

Stockwatch Business Reporter

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Laredo (LRDR.o - Robert Gardner) Revisited

Latest from our truly hopeless pumping, promoting, litigating legal dorkus of Vancouver Lawn and Tennis Club infamey is about finding suckers for this ridiculous paper at any possible level.

Dead worthless BEFORE a massive large forward split and like all ridiculous and fully insulting krap from career turds, the outcome was never in any doubt here at all.

Plan for world domination of dum dums through the mining of grossly valuable waste dumps in the Montana Mountains has hit the skids, courtesy of the fact Mr. Gardner has no money and at last report the hillbillies were still unpaid.

Yeah well, good luck with that there massive recipie for capital creation success Mr. Robert Gardner. This deal reeks, sucks, and blows in the true Venture tradition and taken to the exponential degree on the horrid OTC pink sheets.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sophia Shane - Lundin IR Turd - Update II

All roads to the Lundin "brain trust" run through Sophia Shane and all a body needs to do is actually FIND an e-mail address or telephone number that somehow bypasses that horrid woman.

Sad to say the tentacles are fully ingrained everywhere in the Lundin empire. This monkey sent an e-mail to the bigshots at Lundin deal Denison Mines outlining the impossiblilty of getting anything out of the Lundin IR juggernaut. Now that particular e-mail address is being blocked by Denison, presumably to prevent more truth from getting spewed.

We ain't making this chit up citizens.

Lets say howdy to IR type extraordinary Ms. Sophia Shane. Ms. Shane is responsible for the IR function for what appears ALL the Lundin stable. How many public companies are we talking here? No clue but certainly a dozen plus.

At first and going in one must carry full respect and patience for Ms. Shane. Some wouldn't want the thankless IR job for one company and to remain a bona fide "go to" resource for multiple companies, well, I would not even try it for one day personally.
Be that is it may, Ms. Shane cannot even be bothered to provide a list of Lundin deals to an inquiry from the public, nor even respond at all to any e-mails for that matter.

We here at Neer Do well believe Ms Shane has progressed past the point of her own competence ... the "Peter Principle". Over a decade telling people what they want to hear and now the woman is so secure in her position she feels she no longer has any obligation to do it. Unbelievable and unacceptable for public rank and file that join the Lundin cadre. Investors deserve a proper and diligent IR presence, they are paying for it after all.
The Lundin reputation rises above all others. Sadly entrenchment can infiltrate even the very best organizations. It has happened at Lundin and the losers are holders of Lundin equity.

Ms. Shane hit the Lundin glass ceiling years ago. Others might have moved onward and upward. Ms Shane has not and remains in exactly the same position with no hope of advancement, ever. Lets ask the woman if she enjoys her job.

Ain't no stopping the inquiring minds here at Neer Do Well and here is the OH so difficult to obtain list of Lundin deals, freely available to any dolt sitting at their computer. And WHY can't the Lundin IR professional Ms. Sophia Shane take 3 seconds and dish it out? No freakin clue whatsover citizens. The only possible excuse is that Ms. Shane feels her responsibilities are beneath her. Damn it utterly and truly is.

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