Thursday, July 11, 2013

Laredo (LRDR.o - Robert Gardner) Revisited

Latest from our truly hopeless pumping, promoting, litigating legal dorkus of Vancouver Lawn and Tennis Club infamey is about finding suckers for this ridiculous paper at any possible level.

Dead worthless BEFORE a massive large forward split and like all ridiculous and fully insulting krap from career turds, the outcome was never in any doubt here at all.

Plan for world domination of dum dums through the mining of grossly valuable waste dumps in the Montana Mountains has hit the skids, courtesy of the fact Mr. Gardner has no money and at last report the hillbillies were still unpaid.

Yeah well, good luck with that there massive recipie for capital creation success Mr. Robert Gardner. This deal reeks, sucks, and blows in the true Venture tradition and taken to the exponential degree on the horrid OTC pink sheets.