Friday, September 13, 2013

Pune gold heist: Drinking habits sink crooks

Pune: In a major breakthrough, Jaipur police apprehended a carpenter who had managed to seize 15 kg gold from the strong room of IDBI bank in Pune. The carpenter has been identified as Babulal Yadav, a resident of Dantaramgarh, a city and a municipality in Sikar district in Rajasthan.

Initial inquiry made by the Jaipur police revealed that the main accused had buried 1.5 kg gold in a field. Interestingly, the loot was met out so meticulously that no one had suspected him of hatching such a conspiracy. However, his drinking habits gave way to the whole plot.
Immediately after he had committed the crime he, under the influence of alcohol, gloated about the booty to another crook drinking with him in the same beer bar. The crook after listening to him hatched a plan to steal the spillage. He called the carpenter to the beer bar the next day and got him fiercely drunk. He then took the carpenter to his rented accommodation, stole 400 grams of gold from him and fled to Sikar.

Two days after this incident, Sikar police had arrested the crook for wagering gold against gambling and recovered the gold from him. Interrogations by the Sikar police revealed the theft committed by the crook.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Mahendra Singh Chaudhery uncovered the sequence of how the gold was looted from the strong room of IDBI bank in Pune. Babulal Yadav confessed to the police that two months before, he along with his partners were repairing furniture in Pune’s IDBI branch. During this time, he came to know that the strong room of the bank held enough gold and cash.

On 26th June, all the three smashed down the wall of the strong room of the bank, broke open many lockers and fled with gold jewellery weighing 15kg. The three divided the gold equally among themselves in Jaipur. Babulal buried his share, around 1.5 kg, in a field and kept with himself 400 grams gold.