Saturday, December 20, 2014

Leo "The Gun" Khouri - 2012

BETTER times for day-trader Leo ''The Gun'' Khouri, who, if all goes to plan, may finally recoup $105,000 his Gun Capital Management is owed by biotech minnow BioProspect. BioProspect last week launched a prospectus touting a rights issue of about 926 million shares, which at its share price of 0.1¢ translates to about $926,000.

It plans to use some of the money to pay its debt to Khouri, and much of the rest as ''general working capital''. The offer is underwritten by Novus Capital, which will pocket $55,000 for its work and has in turn appointed sub-underwriters including Gun Capital Management and Mining Investments. Mining Investments is an outfit associated with Khouri and his mate, mining entrepeneur Mick ''Many Names'' Shemesian - a man who is such a globe-trotter it is not clear where he lives.
During a recent Federal Court trial, Khouri gave evidence that Shemesian was ''based in Europe … Between London and Belgium and Paris''.

''What, does he live in a caravan or does he have a home somewhere?'' Justice Tony North asked.

''I think he's based in Belgium,'' Khouri responded. ''But he lives between Belgium and London.''

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Oz Conman Rocco Mark Calabrese reeled in for stealing prawns

Over a criminal career spanning decades, Rocco Calabrese has demonstrated a willingness to pinch almost anything, from gold bricks to tonnes of prawns and luxury cars. With slick charm and a knack for hiding in plain sight, the prolific conman has swindled a small fortune from businesses, the wealthy and even associates of underworld identities.

But Calabrese, also known as Rocco De Gonza and a host of other aliases, is now facing more than 70 fraud and deception charges allegedly racked up during a crime spree that dates back at least seven years."The guy is more slippery than an eel swimming in olive oil."
Calabrese's penchant for bling and designer clothes is part of an image he created to look successful and "connected". When caught out in scam, he would often claim to be a close mate of Mick Gatto.

"I don't know the guy. My name gets thrown around like confetti and people who do that deserve a good belting," Mr Gatto told The Sunday Age.
Calabrese, who had amassed at least three dozen criminal convictions by 2010, came to the attention of Victorian authorities again in late 2011, just months after being released from jail on a "good behaviour" bond. Police arrested Calabrese after a stolen Maserati he was driving ran out of petrol in the middle of the city.

Investigations revealed Calabrese had been using fake cheques and bank transfers to scam everything from seafood to luxury cars. The bankrupt had set up a shell company, Gourmet Produce Pantry, as a front to steal 5500 kilograms of prawns worth more than $82,000.

Calabrese has pleaded guilty to five charges in the County Court stemming from these scams and will be sentenced next year. A medical expert has claimed he suffers from "encapsulated psychotic disorder", a diagnosis that is under review.
Calabrese's name also appeared in a major Australian Tax Office gold trading scheme. ATO has estimated the elaborate scam cost taxpayers more than $65 million, but industry sources have put the final cost at potentially more than $200 million in faked and misappropriated GST payments."Kukulka also bought from other sources, including spending $1.5 million in just six days with Melbourne fraudster-turned-bullion dealer Rocco Calabrese, Mr Kukulka’s bank records show."

Calabrese, aka Rocco De Gonza, had been bankrupt twice, jailed for three dozen deception offences in 2002, and convicted again in 2010 for running corporations while disqualified."

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Comanchero Bikers charged in brutal Perth Beat Down

Two leading members of the Comanchero bike gang are among seven men charged over a brutal bashing at a Muay Thai fight in Perth’s north.

Police will allege a 38-year-old man was confronted by several Comanchero members as he was attempting to leave the venue. He was then punched and kicked until he fell to the ground. Police executed search warrants as far south as Warnbro and as far north as Clarkson, where the seven men were arrested. All seven have been charged with acts or omissions causing bodily harm or danger.
Police say those charged include the Comancheros state commander, the club’s sergeant at arms, patched members and nominees.

Police said in a statement today: “This attack highlights the extreme violence criminal motorcycle gangs such as the Comancheros use to intimidate the community.”

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Robert Bruce Duncan Re-Visited - Update

Latest from "Smallcap43" (Robert Bruce Duncan) ...

"So my old friend, have you told your son's the truth yet?

Have you prepared them for the day you are led away in hancuffs, it won't make for a pretty site I am sure.

Too bad you love money more than your family, a real pity.

Your harrassment knows no limits.

Bruce Duncan, CEO
Canada Carbon Inc."
Multiple spelling errors and improper grammar and this post is from the uneducated CEO of this Krap deal for certain. Truly the question becomes ... who in their semi-correct mind would throw cash in the general direction of a dumb and confirmed securities fukhead who clearly is going bananas?

ONLY the shadow knows I suppose. Pfffft.

Witnessing the sickening utterly insulting disgrace that is Mr. Robert Bruce Duncan and Canada Carbon CCB.v is much like watching a slow motion trainwreck. One is both shocked and completely unable to look away.
"Hate Mail Update

OK I broke down and read the inboxes from the CEO. I couldn't help myself. It was worth it.

I posted the supposedly offending screed at 3:53. At 4:21 the CEO wrote me to advise he had shown the post to lawyers and they confirmed my post was a threat. So in 29 minutes he got a legal opinion. On a late Friday afternoon. Uh, OK.

He then went on to say the post was being forwarded to "legal authorities". Have they elevated the status of the keystone cops?
The CEO copied two law firms and "stockhouse inhouse council". I note the last one because if stockhouse had inhouse counsel they would laugh at him.

Of course the most curious thing about all of this is why the CEO is sticking his nose into a matter that has nothing to do with him. He can't file a complaint, the post referenced old Bobby boy. So butt out Mr CEO. You have zero, and I mean zero standing.

Of course if one were to speculate one might wonder why the CEO was so impacted about a post about Bob. One might think his is the strongest proof yet that the CEO is Bob. If, as I said, one wanted to speculate. I personally don't partake in such idle speculation.

Lastly take a step back Mr CEO and look at what you are doing. This last salvo has shown again you are doing a tremendous disservice to your company and your shareholders. Reputations take a long time to earn and can be destroyed in a fraction of the time. I'm not sure there is any time left on your clock."

Subtle clues are usually the best. Neither "BobGreenfield" nor Bert can spell "counsel" correctly. Both appear highly uneducated. There is zero doubt about what this Venture K9 and his little paid fukpuppies are doing. The above noted poster is correct in that Bert's insanity cannot continue forever ... much like this insulting washjob.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Robert Bruce Duncan immortalized in Photos (CCB.V)

We are sharing some obviously untouched real life photos of our severe anti-hero because, well, fuk him and the dead icky horse he rode in on.

The CFO of this dopeshow happens to be the main K9's wifey-poo and that tagteam is coming in at something around $ 320k per year. No, we ain't making this up.

andrew aguilar lawyer