Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Robert Gardner in the News, again - Update

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Olie Inc. (OLIE) (Olie) President, Robert Gardner, announces an emphasis in its 2014 Action Plan. In summary:

1) Olie purchases aged non-affiliate debt;
2) provides corporate advisory services, including corporate restructuring of client issuers;
3) consolidates compounding derivative liabilities;
4) issues stock dividends subject to FINRA approval;
5) retains PCAOB accounting firms to complete audits on pink sheet companies;
And now:
6) Olie will seek to acquire the issuers & their shareholder base as wholly owned subsidiaries, in exchange for anti-dilutive convertible preferred stock and management appointments within Olie.
Robert Gardner, President of Olie states, "The inherent value to the shareholders of Olie is that the shareholder base expands demonstrably as new companies are acquired. These companies will be audited, with low debt to equity ratios, and cash and/or assets on their own balance sheets. Olie's accounting team in conjunction with its auditors will file Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements. In this manner we plan to accelerate net stockholders' equity."



Robert Gardner
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has halted Olie Inc., a subpenny pink sheets listing run by Vancouver's Robert Gardner. The SEC says there are questions about the accuracy of publicly available information on the company. The regulator has provided no specifics, but Olie has many recent news releases in which the company claims to have deals worth tens of millions of dollars.
The halt is contained in a notice the SEC issued prior to the open on Monday, Jan. 27. It applies to Olie and a connected Florida company called Hi Score Corp. According to the notice, the SEC has temporarily suspended both companies because of questions "regarding the accuracy of publicly available information about both companies' assets, acquisitions, business activities, control persons, securities offerings, and financing arrangements." A suspension is necessary for the protection of investors, the SEC says.

For Olie, the halt comes amidst a flurry of news releases and heavy trading. Since Nov. 4, 2013, the company has issued 24 releases, with many containing details of proposed acquisitions. The stock has traded about 1.4 billion shares in that time, at prices between 0.03 cent and 1.6 cents.
Well at least Mr. Gardner isn't marching off to BCSC again to sling mud and protect that OH SO VALUABLE REPUTATION of his. I would wager Mr. Gardner won't be setting foot in America again anytime soon either. They know how to deal with career securities crookbags properly.


See ---> http://neer-do-well-hall-of-infamey.blogspot.ca/2012/11/yet-another-gardner-lawsuit.html

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Where is William Franklin Bermender? - Kleargear

William Franklin Bermender
It has been ultra quiet on the Kleargear Eastern Front with legal deadlines probably come and gone. Its likely our infamous gruesome twosome have ignored the paperwork entirely.

Far more plausible than not because of the EXACT legal ownership of "Kleargear". Since half of the people allegedly involved are fraudulent identities it will take time to "follow the money" and nail the dope personally who is cashing the cheques. (Say "Hi" Mr. Bermender) That job is far more suitable for law enforcement, which in this humble opinion should have been involved months ago.

Stephen L. Gutman
Yup. The gruesome twosome enjoy the best legal representation that can run away like the scared chitless crooked turds that they are. Come On Mr. Gutman. You can dish it out but not answer to the court for your contempt for the rule of law now?
Here's some of Mr. Gutman's work when he isn't running away as fast as possible. This was filed as a response to a complaint to the BBB.

"Unless we receive the $50.00 dispute fee back from this customer, our business will lose $50.00 that this customer caused us because they violated the legally binding terms of sale that they agreed to. The terms are clear and conspicuous before a customer places their order, and every customer is required to check-mark a box that certifies that they read, understood, and agree to the contract terms before they are able to place their order. If they do not, then they can choose to do business with another merchant whose policies may be different".


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Super Save Group - King Sized Dirty Turds - UPDATE II

"Maria Martini, Executive Director and Founder of the Food For Famine Society, receives a $100,000 donation from the Super Save Group (left to right: Phil and Sylvie Vandekerkhove), at the Food For Famine Society’s Corporate Breakfast, October 15, 2012, which was held in honour of World Food Day."

Bloody Damn Wonderful. When the cameras are around this enterprise is the greatest thing to humanity since Jesus. When they aren't this PoS will break every rule in the book. We call that massive large hypocrisy.

Put another way, the money this co saves by being a complete corporate chitbag is being used for tax deductions and PR purposes.


A review of Yelp reveals SIX reviews ... ALL highly negative.

"I would stay away from this company due to past experiences. "

"From the moment I started being a customer of Super Save, I was disappointed."

"Stay Away. Biggest mistake we ever made."

"I would highly recommend that no one use super-save disposal"

"I have same experience with Ryan M. Engaging with Super Save Disposal will give you bunch of headaches."

"In the end, I just don't want anyone else to go through the same experience as we did. I NEVER write reviews or complaints... but I really feel like I need to tell the world that super-save has horrendous service and I would never ever in my whole life do business with them again. I encourage other people who have had bad service with them to complain to the BBB as well as the ministry of consumer services."


"The Super Save Group of Companies prides itself on efficient service. Our goal is to ensure that our customers’ needs and expectations are consistently exceeded. We set high service standards for all our divisions. Our ability to sustain these high standards has enabled us to satisfy thousands of customers in a variety of industries since 1977. "


"One of B.C.’s top-earning companies has again been fined for illegally operating a garbage transfer station that government says sidesteps recycling regulations. Super Save Disposal Inc. was fined $70,000 by the courts in 2005 for operating without a permit in Surrey.

Earlier this month, it was fined $145,000 for the same offence at a different Surrey location.

According to an agreed statement of facts, the Super Save Group — parent of the disposal arm — was ranked 77th out of the top revenue-generating companies in B.C. in 2012, and is the fourth-largest commercial waste disposal operator in the province. In both cases, Metro Vancouver regional district had identified and warned the company that its transfer stations — which are delivery points for garbage sorting or compacting — was not licensed, according to the provincial court.

In the end of each case, the company decided to shut down the operation instead of applying for the proper regulation — which would have included a number of associated application, administration and disposal fees.

In the most recent case, the 19395 Langley Bypass site continued operating until August 2013, according to the statement of facts, despite being told of the violation in February 2012. According to Rasode, Surrey has also filed charges against Super Save for allegedly “ignoring zoning requirements” for a recycling depot at 19388 - 92nd Ave., despite repeated city notices.

The city’s regulations, she indicated, requires recycling depots to be inside a building, but the property at 92nd Avenue is a vacant site."
And our highly outraged opinion this time? This here complete PoS enterprise is managed by confirmed crooked retards who deserve to sit behind a set of iron bars instead of a desk for a while.

Regulatory fines SHOULD increase exponentially for a deliberate multiple offender and by rights this utter disgrace bloody well should be fined right OUT of so called "business". SCREW these horrid fukkin unethical chitbags. Grrrrrrrr.



General Inquiries:
Toll Free: 1-800-665-2800
Email: contacts@supersave.ca

Head Office:
19395 Langley Bypass, Surrey, BC V3S 6K1
P: (604) 533-4423 F: 1 (888) 808-0080 fax

Bernice Louie, Owner

Robert Vandekarkhove, Owner

Dave Pertelson, Owner