Friday, May 23, 2014

Latest From Kleargear Scumbags

"The latest update in the saga of Kleargear is downright bizarre.
Having invoiced unhappy customers for complaining online about their crappy service and then ruined those customers' credit rating, the company now refuses to acknowledge a judgment against them from a US court because they insist that they're located in France and weren't served there."

"KlearGear said it had no legal obligation to defend the suit because it needed to be served with the civil lawsuit in France (where its parent company, Descoteaux Boutiques, is claimed to reside.) after which it would "vacate the judgment and litigate."
That fully insulting horsechit from crooked scumbags flies in the face of their spewing ... KlearGear lists its US address as Grandville, Michigan, and states that “by accessing this Web site you and KlearGear agree that the laws of the State of Michigan will apply to all matters relating to use of this Web site, without regard to conflicts of laws principles. You and KlearGear also agree and submit to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of the State and Federal Courts found in Kent County, Michigan, with respect to such matters.”

Amazing the ultra large sized crooked ballulars on these massive crooked basterds and Good Grief if ever there was an ongoing fraud that nobody seems to be able to "do" thing one about, well, here it fukkin is.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ian Terry Rozier - Mastermind of Newport Offense - NWX.v

Ian Terry Rozier
We have registered the ultra stupid and lame denials of Mr. Ian Rozier and find them to be both ridiculous and the spewing of a body busted red handed.

Again, for anybody that has listened to similar horsechit from Venture basterds for any length of time it very simply doesn't stand the stench test. Not even close.
Taken in the extreme it is insulting to think the man assumes people are stupid enough to believe a single utterance from that wordhole.

Mr. Ian Rozier has demonstrated beyond any possible doubt he should not be in a position of fiduciary responsibility. Some, this observer included, may believe with certainty he SHOULD BE in a position behind grey steel bars for an extended period.

What are we saying? We are saying that after 30 odd years and a few zillion Venture scams Mr. Ian Rozier pretty well takes the fraudulent cake. An accomplishment? Yikers.

If the VSE and BCSC let THIS ONE slide why not everybody become a Rozier? Far better than the effort involved in making an honest living and with no risk nor consequence whatever, well hell sign me up too. Pffft.

Street word has motivated this monkey to now check into another "project" of the gruesome twosome Sennen Resources - SN.v. Film at 11:00. And yes indeed Mr. Ian Terry Rozier was chief dipchit of Eastern Platinum all the way down to $ .07. Worry your little head not citizen ... our Rozier made out like a complete bandit on that one.

From consolidated financial statement March 31, 2007:

“For the three months ended March 31, 2007, Adjusted Net Income was $8.9 million with a reported net loss of $(11.2 million) as a result of accounting for $14.2 million of stock based compensation.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Influential Women in Business Awards - Barbara Dunfield

Barbara Eileen Dunfield
After more incredulous DD on Newport Exploration (NWX.v) we find the horrid, horrid CFO who was fully and completely involved in what absolutely appears to me to be out and out FRAUD. Forget abrogation of fiduciary responsibility, it is this opinion we have an intentional act of criminal proportion.

How surprising then was the honour bestowed upon Ms. Barbara Dunfield on March 5, 2014 for her many admirable qualities. "Honourees are chosen based on the criteria of professional accomplishments, influence, and business community involvement"
This observer cannot imagine a world where little girls everywhere are aspiring to be like Barbara some day.

"I feel very strongly about giving people a leg up. When you get the opportunity to do that, you should do that," said Dunfield.

How about giving the suckers relying on your vast storehouse of "ethics" and "honesty" an even break then honey?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Clive "Curly" Massey in the news again

After a long while one sees the same names recycled ad nauseum. Naturally Mr. Massey jumped on the marijuana rush with his Windfire Capital - WIF.v exactly like a dozen other shameless career venture K9s.

"A dispute over a growing site for medical marijuana has landed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Windfire Capital Ltd. and its president, Clive Massey, are defendants in a lawsuit filed by a private company over a space in Osoyoos, B.C. The private company, Phytotron Pharmaceuticals Inc., claims that Windfire and Mr. Massey usurped a lease it had on a suitable growing site.

The allegations are contained in a brief notice of claim that Phytotron filed on Tuesday, April 29, at the Vancouver courthouse. Phytotron identifies itself as a company incorporated to produce medical marijuana. The lawsuit stems from Phytotron's efforts to secure suitable premises to grow marijuana in 2013. The company claims that it had assembled a group to help it search for such a space, with the group including Mr. Massey as well as a retired RCMP officer and a botanist."®ion=C
Today Mr. Massey offered this ...


Windfire Capital Corp. would like to clarify the news reported in Stockwatch on May 1, 2014. Windfire previously secured a building lease as a prerequisite to exploring a possible transaction with a private company in the medical marijuana industry. Windfire advanced a $36,000 deposit to secure the building in the event that a transaction materialized. However, the parties never reached a final agreement in principle, and all discussions have ceased. The litigation reported by Stockwatch was dismissed on April 30, 2014, one day after it was commenced. The lease was assigned to the private company after Windfire was reimbursed for its $36,000 deposit on the lease.

Windfire continues to work on other opportunities in the medical marijuana sector where such activity is licensed and/or permissible North America-wide. When and if an agreement in principle is reached to complete a change-of-business transaction in the medical marijuana industry, full details will be provided in accordance with TSX Venture Exchange policies.®ion=C

Clearly there is more going on here than anybody needs to know about. That, in and all by itself, is more than enough reason to leave the venture mongrels to their latest horrid scam.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Amazing Metal Detector Discoveries

The "Boot of Cortez" is one of the most unusual nuggets in the World, and at 389.4 ounces Troy (32.4 Troy pounds), it is the largest surviving placer nugget discovered in the Western Hemisphere.

The solid gold nugget was found in the Mexican Sonora Desert near the Arizona border in 1989. It was found by a local prospector using a metal detector he bought at Radio Shack.The nugget sold for $1,853,500.00 at auction in Dallas, in 2008.
An amateur prospector discovered a huge gold nugget with an estimated value of more than $300,000 in Australia's Victoria state in 2013.

The nugget weighing 177 ounces, or 5.5 kilograms was unearthed with a metal detector just outside Ballarat in a popular area for prospecting.

Three-year-old James Hyatt may go down as one of the luckiest babies in history. Out for an afternoon walk with his dad in Essex, England in 2010, he was taking a turn with the detector when he discovered a one-inch pendant featuring engravings of the Virgin Mary clutching a cross along with “the five wounds of Christ,” believed to date from the 16th century.

Likely worn by royalty, the rare 16th century gold reliquary pendant was used to hold religious relics.
One month after 30-year-old Nick Davies bought his metal detector in 2009, he found the largest collection of Roman coins, called “nummi,” in recent British history. The estimated 10,000 coins date to the reign of Constantine I, when Britain was being used to produce food for the Roman Empire.

The coins are all bronze and silver-washed bronze nummi, and date to the period between AD 313 and 335.
One hour into Dave Booth’s first metal detecting mission in Stirlingshire, Scotland in 2009, he made the discovery of a lifetime. Grouped together in the soil were four gold, silver and copper torcs. They date to between 300 and 100 BC and were buried deliberately at some point in antiquity.

The treasure was valued at $1.5 million and is considered to be the most significant discovery of Iron Age metalwork in Scotland.
When a neighbor showed 7-year-old Lucas Hall his collection of Civil War–era bullets that he'd found on his Virginia property using a metal detector, the boy became instantly hooked.

One week after Hall received a detector for his birthday he found a cavalry sword ... described as an 1840 or 1860 lightweight saber.