Thursday, May 29, 2014

Iconic Jewels

Queen Marie Jose’s Emerald and Diamond Necklace. Once owned by the last royalty of Italy, Queen Marie Jose. She was known for having an extensive collection of jewels including this diamond necklace. This necklace contains 50 emeralds and was created by Van Cleef and Arpels.
Spanish Flamenco dancer Anita Delgado spent most of her life in Jagatjit Singh’s kingdom in the foothills of the Himalayas, as the Maharaja’s fifth wife and the Maharani of Kapurthala. She lived a life of unbelievable luxury.

Her jewels were sold in Christie's in London on December 12 2007.
The Love At First Sight diamond. A heart shaped diamond weighing 56.15 carats with a rating of IF Type IIa, color D. It was originally cut from the Cullinan Diamond.

The diamond fetched $12 million at a Christie’s auction in 2011.
This tiara belonged to Swedish princess, and the Countess Consort Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck. The tiara is 101.27 carats in weight and was sold by Sotheby’s sale of Magnificent Jewels in late 2011 for $12.7M.
The Shizuka Diamond - is the largest colorless diamond to have sold at an auction in Asia. The shield-shaped diamond features 92 facets. It was carved out of a rough diamond of 460 carats.

It sold for $6.21m in February 2009.
Flawless Blue Diamond - it took no more than 15 minutes via telephone for this flawless blue diamond to command a record price at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva in 2009. The stone brought $9.3 million or $1.3 million per carat.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ancient gold mine of Sakdrissi

In 2004, German archaeologists from Ruhr-University Bochum discovered the gold mine in Sakdrissi, Georgia. Dated to the third millennium BC, it is one of the oldest known gold mines in the world and has been deemed the most important prehistoric mining site in Europe. Using stone hammers and antler picks the Bronze Age miners worked the mine to obtain the precious metal.
The nine-hectare site, called Sakdrisi-Kachagiani, lies several kilometres from Dmanisi, a small village in the Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia.
The mine is 150 feet below the surface and the walls show fire-setting and crushing work with hammers. Research has determined that it was in use for 600 years between 3,400 BC and 2,800 BC.

A remarkable array of finds within the mine allowed a detailed understanding of how the ore was mined, processed and prepared for use over 5000 years ago.
The initial excavation at the gold mine was complemented by work on an Early Bronze Age settlement and the nearby area of Dmanisi is a significant site for the study of human origins. Early human fossils discovered at Dmanisi, dubbed Homo georgicus, were found between 1991 and 2005. At 1.8 million years old, H. georgicus may have been a separate species of Homo, predating Homo erectus, and represent the earliest stage of human presence in the Caucasus.

The hominid remains are the oldest found outside of Africa. Then, last year, archaeologists made another dramatic discovery, a fifth skull which prompted scientists to hypothesise that all Homo species may not have been multiple human species at all, but instead variants of a single species.
Although the site had been given protection according to Georgian Heritage laws in 2006, the election of a new government saw pressure put on the ministry of culture. A commission was set up at the beginning of June 2013 to remove the status of Sakdrissi as a protected monument.

A gold mining company called RMG Limited have now obtained the mineral rights. Its proposed opencast gold mine will swallow the area of prehistoric mining.
In a letter to the Georgian government, Professor Dr Hermann Parzinger, President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and German Association of Archaeology, said: “Sakdrisi is the oldest gold mine worldwide and therefore a unique heritage site not only of Georgia, but of mankind. It should not be sacrificed to pure economic interests.” He added, “not just Georgia, also Europe, will lose one of its most important prehistoric mining sites forever.
The Caucasus was one of the most important ore-containing mountain ranges of the ancient world.
As the country of the “Golden Fleece”, it includes the western part of Georgia, Colchis, a name synonymous, in ancient times, with an abundance of gold. The giant Prometheus, the first ever “metallurgist”, was chained to the rocks of the Caucasus by the gods, and even today archaeologists are overwhelmed by the abundance of metals in the prehistoric find complexes in this region.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kleargear makes Associated Press

By Martin Griffith, The Associated Press:

"A Paris-based company says it will fight a U.S. judge's ruling against its attempt to force a Utah couple to pay a $3,500 penalty over a critical online review. Descoteaux Boutiques SARL, the parent company of online retailer, issued separate statements this week saying John and Jen Palmer of Layton were aware of the company's "non-disparagement clause" in its sales contracts with customers.

Alleged address of Kleargear

"The non-disparagement agreements are not new among employees, partners and customers across the globe," spokesman Vic Mathieu said in a statement. "Our sales contract is enforceable under the laws of the United States because business transactions are exempt from First Amendment rights ... If a customer disagrees with any merchant of policies, they are free to shop elsewhere."

Michigan mail drop
That exact verbal horsechit verbatim that came from our gruesome twosome many moons ago and does this "Vic Mathieu" actually exist? This space doubts it very highly. "The e-mail was signed by “Vic Mathieu," without listing a job title.""The text that follows is the first and only public statement that is going to do about the case of Palmer vs. With the exception of minority equity positions held by certain creditors during our restructuring of the company between 2006 and 2011, Descoteaux Boutiques (DBS) has fully owned and operated the business (the domain name is leased) since the founding cataloger ceased its operations in 2004.

Our only presence in the United States and Canada has been via a network of third-party contractors, as DBS outsources several key business functions of our businesses on foreign markets including order fulfillment, warehouse operations, customer service, marketing, legal, payment processing and collections.

Any mail that is sent to Kleargear in care of any third-party vendor, including our fulfillment centers operated by Amazon Services and Chenal Brands, will be refused. None of our third party providers are statutory agents that are authorized to receive service of process. After we first learned on this dispute on the 22/04/14 via an e-mail from Aubrey Broome at Hoole & King, we have requested more information. No information has ever been provided. Mr. Palmer's attorney, Scott Michelman of Public Citizen Litigation Group, has since learned that DBS was never properly served under the Hague Convention and concealed this information critical of the court to improperly obtain a judgment by default. Once DBS has been served, we will vacate the judgment and litigate.

In written communication to Mr. Palmer on 4 June 2012, we informed him that the disparagement clause in our conditions of sale was present the 22 December 2008 when he has certified to us that he has read, understood and agreed to it: "The structure of our sales contract, referenced in your order check-out screens which we have on file from December 22, 2008, had three forks (today there are two):, and"
Kleargear's Non-Disparagement Clause has never deleted from our online store in November last year, as it has been wrongly stated; it was simply relocated with other content on the new URLs. John Palmer's delinquent account was written off in October 2013 and, as part of a annual batch, which has been sold to a collection firm which is not linked to Fidelity Information Corp. DBS then instructed Fidelity to delete all accounts transferred from credit reporting agencies. It seems that Fidelity may have, by error, unable to delete one or more accounts until March 2014. If Mr. Palmer's debt remains unpaid, it will be re-reported to credit bureaus by subsequent owners of the account.

Ironically, if Mr. Palmer had simply approach Kleargear first last fall and requested a stay to finance their new furnace -- we would have worked with him. We are human beings. Instead, he has chosen a public forum."

Regards,Vic Mathieu
Descoteaux Boutiques SARL
118-122 Avenue de France 75013
Paris,France. Phone: +33 (0) 1 82 88 88 18
Facsimile: +33 (0) 1 70 61 59 06 24 28 29 33

"If Kleargear decides to appear in court at long last, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that the Palmers are entitled to relief, either because of the company's default or on the merits," Michelman told KUTV-TV.

Michelman maintains the company's non-disparagement clause is "one-sided contractual fine print to try to bully unsatisfied customers into silence."

Famous Diamonds IV

The Chopard Chameleon Diamond is a 31.32 carat oval-cut chameleon diamond and the largest known.

The chameleon diamond has the ability to temporarily change colour after heating or long storage in the dark.
The Nur-ul-ain, “light of the eye” is a brilliant-cut oval diamond of around 60 carats. Together with the even larger Darya-i-noor diamond, it is considered one of the two most-celebrated gems among the Iranian crown jewels.
The Darya-i-noor, ‘sea of light’ is the world’s largest pink diamond, weighing 186 carats. It is table cut with exceptional clarity. The diamond came from India's famous Golconda mine and is part of the crown jewels of Iran.
The Portuguese Diamond weighs 127.01 carats and is graded M in color and VS-1 in clarity, with very strong blue fluorescence. Its unusual octagonal emerald cut makes it one of the world's most magnificent gems.
The Moon Of Baroda is a 24.04 carat canary yellow diamond once worn by both Empress Therese of Austria and Marilyn Monroe.
The Golden Eye. This 43.51 carat internally flawless fancy yellow diamond was seized in a drug sting and auctioned off by the U.S. Government in 2011 for $2,480,000.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Latest From Kleargear Scumbags

"The latest update in the saga of Kleargear is downright bizarre.
Having invoiced unhappy customers for complaining online about their crappy service and then ruined those customers' credit rating, the company now refuses to acknowledge a judgment against them from a US court because they insist that they're located in France and weren't served there."

"KlearGear said it had no legal obligation to defend the suit because it needed to be served with the civil lawsuit in France (where its parent company, Descoteaux Boutiques, is claimed to reside.) after which it would "vacate the judgment and litigate."
That fully insulting horsechit from crooked scumbags flies in the face of their spewing ... KlearGear lists its US address as Grandville, Michigan, and states that “by accessing this Web site you and KlearGear agree that the laws of the State of Michigan will apply to all matters relating to use of this Web site, without regard to conflicts of laws principles. You and KlearGear also agree and submit to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of the State and Federal Courts found in Kent County, Michigan, with respect to such matters.”

Amazing the ultra large sized crooked ballulars on these massive crooked basterds and Good Grief if ever there was an ongoing fraud that nobody seems to be able to "do" thing one about, well, here it fukkin is.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Cheapside Hoard - London's Lost Jewels

The Museum of London is concluding a major exhibition investigating the secrets of the Cheapside Hoard.
The Cheapside Hoard is a hoard of late 16th and early 17th century jewellery discovered by workmen using a pickaxe to excavate in a cellar near Cheapside in London in 1912.

They found a buried wooden box containing over 400 pieces of Elizabethan and Jacobean jewellery, including rings, brooches and chains, with bright coloured gemstones and enamelled settings.
The hoard of almost 500 pieces was a 17th-century goldsmith's stock – worth a king's ransom then and priceless now.

"Nothing in the world comes close," said Museum of London curator Hazel Forsyth, who has spent years studying the brooches and necklaces, rings and chains, pearls and rubies, scent bottles and fan holders, two carved gems which date back 1,300 years to Byzantium – and a watch set into a hollow carved out of one stupendous emerald which was originally the size of an apple.

Gold bow pendant set with rose-cut and step-cut foil-backed rubies and table-cut diamonds

Gold and enamel pendant set with two sapphires and an irregular polished spinel.