Friday, May 2, 2014

Clive "Curly" Massey in the news again

After a long while one sees the same names recycled ad nauseum. Naturally Mr. Massey jumped on the marijuana rush with his Windfire Capital - WIF.v exactly like a dozen other shameless career venture K9s.

"A dispute over a growing site for medical marijuana has landed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Windfire Capital Ltd. and its president, Clive Massey, are defendants in a lawsuit filed by a private company over a space in Osoyoos, B.C. The private company, Phytotron Pharmaceuticals Inc., claims that Windfire and Mr. Massey usurped a lease it had on a suitable growing site.

The allegations are contained in a brief notice of claim that Phytotron filed on Tuesday, April 29, at the Vancouver courthouse. Phytotron identifies itself as a company incorporated to produce medical marijuana. The lawsuit stems from Phytotron's efforts to secure suitable premises to grow marijuana in 2013. The company claims that it had assembled a group to help it search for such a space, with the group including Mr. Massey as well as a retired RCMP officer and a botanist."®ion=C
Today Mr. Massey offered this ...


Windfire Capital Corp. would like to clarify the news reported in Stockwatch on May 1, 2014. Windfire previously secured a building lease as a prerequisite to exploring a possible transaction with a private company in the medical marijuana industry. Windfire advanced a $36,000 deposit to secure the building in the event that a transaction materialized. However, the parties never reached a final agreement in principle, and all discussions have ceased. The litigation reported by Stockwatch was dismissed on April 30, 2014, one day after it was commenced. The lease was assigned to the private company after Windfire was reimbursed for its $36,000 deposit on the lease.

Windfire continues to work on other opportunities in the medical marijuana sector where such activity is licensed and/or permissible North America-wide. When and if an agreement in principle is reached to complete a change-of-business transaction in the medical marijuana industry, full details will be provided in accordance with TSX Venture Exchange policies.®ion=C

Clearly there is more going on here than anybody needs to know about. That, in and all by itself, is more than enough reason to leave the venture mongrels to their latest horrid scam.