Monday, May 12, 2014

Ian Terry Rozier - Mastermind of Newport Offense - NWX.v

Ian Terry Rozier
We have registered the ultra stupid and lame denials of Mr. Ian Rozier and find them to be both ridiculous and the spewing of a body busted red handed.

Again, for anybody that has listened to similar horsechit from Venture basterds for any length of time it very simply doesn't stand the stench test. Not even close.
Taken in the extreme it is insulting to think the man assumes people are stupid enough to believe a single utterance from that wordhole.

Mr. Ian Rozier has demonstrated beyond any possible doubt he should not be in a position of fiduciary responsibility. Some, this observer included, may believe with certainty he SHOULD BE in a position behind grey steel bars for an extended period.

What are we saying? We are saying that after 30 odd years and a few zillion Venture scams Mr. Ian Rozier pretty well takes the fraudulent cake. An accomplishment? Yikers.

If the VSE and BCSC let THIS ONE slide why not everybody become a Rozier? Far better than the effort involved in making an honest living and with no risk nor consequence whatever, well hell sign me up too. Pffft.

Street word has motivated this monkey to now check into another "project" of the gruesome twosome Sennen Resources - SN.v. Film at 11:00. And yes indeed Mr. Ian Terry Rozier was chief dipchit of Eastern Platinum all the way down to $ .07. Worry your little head not citizen ... our Rozier made out like a complete bandit on that one.

From consolidated financial statement March 31, 2007:

“For the three months ended March 31, 2007, Adjusted Net Income was $8.9 million with a reported net loss of $(11.2 million) as a result of accounting for $14.2 million of stock based compensation.