Sunday, May 11, 2014

Influential Women in Business Awards - Barbara Dunfield

Barbara Eileen Dunfield
After more incredulous DD on Newport Exploration (NWX.v) we find the horrid, horrid CFO who was fully and completely involved in what absolutely appears to me to be out and out FRAUD. Forget abrogation of fiduciary responsibility, it is this opinion we have an intentional act of criminal proportion.

How surprising then was the honour bestowed upon Ms. Barbara Dunfield on March 5, 2014 for her many admirable qualities. "Honourees are chosen based on the criteria of professional accomplishments, influence, and business community involvement"
This observer cannot imagine a world where little girls everywhere are aspiring to be like Barbara some day.

"I feel very strongly about giving people a leg up. When you get the opportunity to do that, you should do that," said Dunfield.

How about giving the suckers relying on your vast storehouse of "ethics" and "honesty" an even break then honey?