Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kleargear must pay $306,750

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) A federal judge has ruled that an online retailer must pay a Utah couple more than $300 thousand for their time, trouble and suffering after being forced to fight a questionable fine. It's been a long fight for Jen and John Palmer – nearly three years. That is how long the couple struggled to get by with destroyed credit making it impossible for them to buy a house, a car, or even finance a furnace when theirs died. Wednesday the couple took the witness stand in Utah's federal court to tell a judge just how awful it has been for them. It was a punishment levied by a company which simply didn't like what the couple had to say.

William Franklin Bermender
Michelman said this case emphasizes the importance of the press in giving citizens a voice and holding powerful people and corporations accountable. "If [Get Gephardt] hadn't brought this story to light then I don't think we would have gotten connected to the Palmers," he said. In May, stated in an email sent to Get Gephardt and other news outlets that they would fight in court, and had every intention of making sure that John and Jen palmer paid every cent of the $3500 fine. Wednesday was their chance and when it came time for court,, as usual, was a no show.

So by default, John and Jen are victorious. A judge ordered to pay $306,750 to the couple for their suffering. As a result of this litigation, John's credit score has also been restored. John and Jen cheered as they left the court room.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bert has Nu Clear Graphite - ahuck - CCB.v

Everybody's near favorite washerwoman Bert has rallied all the other washerwomen and WOWSERS be still our hearts this here rock is the bestus thing to come outta Bert's anus hole since his ultra high grade poopus.

"Canada Carbon Inc. has released the results of detailed elemental analysis (by glow-discharge mass-spectrometry (GD-MS)) of its Miller hydrothermal lump/vein graphite, which had previously assayed 100 per cent carbon (C)(t) by SGS Canada Inc. Samples had been concentrated by means of industry-standard flotation techniques by SGS, and had not been exposed to either strong bases (used in caustic roasting) or strong acids (used in acid leach upgrading)."
Bert has spewed so much and so often now that the ONLY thing left is to attempt to baffle em with bullchit. That may work for this dopey group, which MUST be somewhat slow to begin with.
Career Venture K9s = Pfffft !

Monday, June 2, 2014

Krap-X finds rock bottom - CEV.v

Cap-Ex Iron to roll back shares 1:4, continue to B.C.

Mr. Graham Harris reports

Cap-Ex Iron Ore Ltd.'s board of directors has called a special meeting of shareholders for July 9, 2014, to authorize, by way of special resolution, a one-for-four consolidation of the company's share capital and the continuation of the company to British Columbia. As of the date hereof, there are 97,767,986 common shares of the company outstanding, of which 24,441,996 shares will be issued immediately following the consolidation."
Brett Matich
"In addition, Cap-Ex has agreed to a debt settlement with a non-arm's-length company controlled by certain directors and officers of the company pursuant to which Cap-Ex will issue, subject to the acceptance of the exchange, an aggregate of 10 million preconsolidated common shares (2.5 million postconsolidated shares) at a deemed price of 2.5 cents per preconsolidated share (10 cents per postconsolidated share) in settlement of outstanding indebtedness totalling $250,000 in respect of certain drilling and exploration services provided to the company in 2013."
Did we call this PoS bang on? Yes a horse of course, butt this space is always saying it ain't rocket science when it comes to career Venture chitbaggians and that is always true.