Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Petra finds 'exceptional' 122-carat blue diamond

Diamond mining company Petra says it has found an "exceptional" 122.52-carat blue diamond. The "unique" stone was found at the Cullinan mine near Pretoria in South Africa, the company said.

The crystal is being analysed in order to gauge its value, and the company will not put it up for sale before its financial year runs out at the end of this month. Petra Diamonds shares jumped 6.5% after the announcement on Friday morning.

The highest price on record for a rough diamond is $35.3m

507.55-carat rough recovered from Cullinan in 2010 and sold for $ 35.3m

Vancouver securities lawyer John Briner

"Did somebody say sue? I am willing to represent you, and while you are at it, I have some penny stocks you may be interested in!"
The Law Society of British Columbia has initiated a professional misconduct case against Vancouver securities lawyer John Briner, claiming that he misappropriated client money in 2013. The society says that he received $50,439 from a client, and improperly withdrew or authorized the withdrawal of at least some of the money. He also failed to record the money in his trust ledger, according to the society.
The allegations are contained in a citation the Law Society issued on July 18, 2014, against Mr. Briner. The one-page citation says little about the circumstances of the case, other than to accuse Mr. Briner of misappropriating client money. According to the society, Mr. Briner received $50,439 from a client named GK and, between Dec. 20, 2012, and Oct. 16, 2013, he misappropriated some or all of it. Contrary to Law Society rules, he did not record a trust ledger showing the receipt of the money or its subsequent dispersal, the citation states.

The Law Society has not stated what penalties it could seek for Mr. Briner. It has also not yet scheduled a hearing in the matter.*BCSC-2197919&symbol=*BCSC®ion=C

NOTE: It is this opinion that it is far more likely than not Mr. Briner forged Ms. Dalmy's signature multiple times to effect registration of these scamola companies.

On February 3, 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) announced the filing of stop order proceedings against 20 purported mining companies for providing false information in their registration statements. Of the 20 registration statements, 18 were opined upon by the same attorney, Diane Dalmy, who is the subject of a pending SEC proceeding.
More than one year ago, Promotion Stock Secrets published a featured report in which it noted blazing red flags of fraud in the same 20 registration statements.

Promotion Stock Secrets noted that the business plans of the issuers were virtually identical and involving purported mining properties. The issuers had nominal or no revenues, nominal or no assets and limited cash on hand. They also shared common bad actors, including John Briner. The registration statements opined by Dalmy were filed within close proximity to one another; in several cases, on the same day. Promotion Stock Secrets pointed out 19 of the 20 issuers were formed on May 31, or June 1 of 2012 and; 16 filed registration statements during January 2013. The remaining 4 registrations were filed in November and December of 2012.
The 20 companies that are the subjects of the stop order proceedings are:
Braxton Resources Inc.
Bonanza Resources Corp.
Canyon Minerals Inc.
CBL Resources Inc.
Chum Mining Group Inc.
Clearpoint Resources Inc.
Coronation Mining Corp.
Eclipse Resources Inc.
Gaspard Mining Inc.
Gold Camp Explorations Inc.
Goldstream Mining Inc.
Jewel Explorations Inc.
Kingman River Resources Inc.
La Paz Mining Corp.
Lost Hills Mining Inc.
PRWC Energy Inc.
Seaview Resources Inc.
Stone Boat Mining Corp.
Tuba City Gold Corp.
Yuma Resources Inc.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

J.Frank Toasted, finally - BGM.v

The company reports, having recently received the written resignation of Frank Callaghan, that Norman Anderson, the company's current chairman, has been appointed the interim president and chief executive officer of the company. Mr. Callaghan remains a director of the company.®ion=C
J. Frank luck has finally run out, vis-a-vis the multi-year horseshoe up his hoop as he fended off those intent on offloading his hideous arse.

Damage was done via Sprott debt long ago so cry not for "poor" J. Frank.
"Interim CEO Anderson made sure to diplomatically thank Mr. Callaghan today for his "many years of selfless hard work and care . . . ." His selfless hard work last year came with a $240,000 salary, plus $1.2-million in fees charged by his private companies for exploration, deferred development, loan interest and administrative expenses. His son Sean also received $68,000 as he learned the business."


Barkerville Resolves Shareholder Petition respecting AGM and Pours Gold Bar

"Vancouver, BC -- Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. ("Barkerville" or the "Company") wishes to announce that the parties have recently reached an agreement (the "Agreement") to resolve the previously filed petition (the "Petition") in the Supreme Court of British Columbia ..."

1. the Company's Meeting for the year 2012 will be held at 1500 -- 1055 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, at 10:00 am on Tuesday, April 16, 2013, as previously called by the Company, in accordance with all applicable laws."
J. Frank thought it best to semi-cooperate with the naysayers whilst throwing a bone to the howling wolves in the form of a gold bar that for damn sure cost far more to produce than its worth. Thats what we call Venture promotion 101 and anything less from a man with the pedigree of J. Frank would be disappointing. Take a bow Sir ... arsesome poohery. (And do we know of another Venture DitzBag that OUGHT to be taking notes?)

Mr. Callaghan's severely hornet stung pee pee got some more bad news yesterday as major stakeholders are lining up with the massive unmitigated cajones to demand a, gasp, AGM.

"Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. and its president, Frank Callaghan, are facing an action in the Supreme Court of British Columbia from a shareholder who wants the company to hold its annual general meeting and wants to install three new directors. Rex Harbour, who owns 7.1 million Barkerville shares, says the company has not held an AGM since Aug. 26, 2011. He says that the meeting is long overdue, especially given the company's precarious financial condition, and he is asking the courts to compel the company to hold the AGM."®ion=C
J. Frank best be treading carefully because the opposition includes former Placer Dome Inc. president Mr. Peter Tomsett.

Story on the side is the fact J. Frank recently dug into his piggy bank to finance (through a debenture - Hardy Har) the rush to produce a REAL 43-101. On the other hand we have the opposition saying J. Frank has "received $7-million in compensation over the past 18 months, either directly or through a drilling company he controls".

(Forget 18 months, J. Frank's drilling company has been grossly and ridiculously profitable for 20 years+.)

Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 Supercars

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari - Above sports cars, there are exotic sports cars. The LaFerrari is poised to be the king of all exotic sports cars. Its 789-hp V-12 gets a 161-hp boost from an electric motor.

MSRP $1,350,000

Porsche 918 is a plug-in hybrid. With a combined 887hp and 944 lb-ft of torque from its mid-mounted V-8 and electric motors—one at each axle—the 918 delivers acceleration, tenacious handling, and a 211-mph top end. MSRP $847,975

The McLaren P1 is a limited production plug-in hybrid sports car by British automotive manufacturer McLaren Automotive. The concept car debuted at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The entire P1 production of 375 units was sold out by November 2013. MSRP $1,150,000

Pagani Huayra is powered by a 6.0-litre Mercedes V12, twice turbocharged to 730 horsepower. MSRP $1,444,120

Scotiabank Settles Class Action Lawsuit

“There’s no cap. Whatever claims are validated or accepted by the bank will be paid,” said O’Connor, adding if an employee is not satisfied with a decision, he or she can appeal to an independent arbitrator, with the bill footed by the bank. O’Connor believes this settlement sends a clear message to Canadian companies.

It’s a pretty simple message that employers should pay people for the work that they do that benefits the company,” he said.

Yeah. That's a pretty simple message the dolts at CIBC should start believing, along with other things.

"O’Connor, who is also acting for the plaintiffs in the CIBC case, said that company has indicated it intends to go to trial.

“CIBC will defend its position vigorously in court,” said CIBC spokeswoman Caroline Van Hasselt. “The overtime policy at CIBC is clear, easily accessible to employees and exceeds legislative requirements in Canada.”

CIBC Lawsuits Blog

The wicked turds at CIBC pushed this citizen too fukkin far with its multiple scams against Canadians and now we are fighting back the only way we knows how.

Pay out a CIBC mortgage in the past 10 years? There's a class action for that. Got screwed for overtime over the past decade by your employer CIBC, there's another class action lawsuit for that un.

Get completely phucked by CIBC Investor's Edge? Well it ain't a class action, yet, but lets compare notes about that. Pffft.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sammy Yatim was wielding a knife ...

Sammy Yatim was wielding a knife on an empty streetcar on the evening of July 26, 2013 when Toronto police Const. James Forcillo fired nine shots, striking him eight times. The 18-year-old later died in hospital.
Yatim’s family has previously said that Sammy was suffering an "an acute emotional disturbance" at the time of the shooting.

His death, which was captured on video that was posted online, sparked outrage and prompted Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair to request a report taking a broad look at how officers interact with people in crisis. After an investigation by Ontario's Special Investigations Unit, Forcillo was charged with second-degree murder in Sammy Yatim’s death.

Forcillo is expected to go on trial next year.
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Michael Banfield Collection

1913 Merryweather Fire Engine. Est 100k
A collection of vintage vehicles ranging from open top double-decker buses to a 1913 fire engine, and a 1935 London Taxi to a 1914 Rolls-Royce, will go under the auctioneer’s hammer on June 13 and 14 at Bonhams in Kent.
1904 Talbot CT4V-B 12/16-hp Brougham. Est.640,000 - 820,000.
In 1959, Michael Banfield bought his first classic car, a 1927 Bentley. Continuing with this passion, his collection grew, today amounting to over 1,000 items, from legendary classic cars, to buses, fire trucks, and an eclectic array of automotive memorabilia.

1904 Mors 24/32-hp Roi des Belges. $ 1m.

For the first time, this entire astonishing collection will be available at auction, with many cars coming into the public domain for the very first time.
A spokesman for Bonhams said: “For more than 50 years Michael dedicated himself to the preservation, promotion, and use of historic road transport as part of our national heritage.

Most of this work was undertaken on a voluntary basis as a true enthusiast.
1906 Minerva 40-hp Roi des Belges. $ 200,000 - 240,000
1910 Renault AX 8HP $ 40,000 - 46,000

1914 Rolls-Royce 40/50-hp Silver Ghost Landaulette. $ 640,000 - 910,000

1963 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8-Litre. $ 73,000 - 91,000

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UnderBelly Episode 1

First episode of "Underbelly" featuring the story of the lone surviving member of the Carlton Crew, Mr. Mick Gatto is all that and more. Sopranos fans have new fodder here for dead certain.

Series is available in bit torrent form at fair to good speed. Plenty of Oz slang here at times.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Christie’s London Spring Auction

(IDEX Online News) – An Important Jewels sale held by Christie’s in London raised $13.6 million.

The top lot was a rare enamel and diamond snake wristwatch, by Bulgari, circa 1965 which sold for a world record price for a Bulgari snake watch at auction of $1.11 million – twice its pre-sale estimate.

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Air Canada Flight Lands Safely After Rocket Attack Near Tel Aviv

"An Air Canada flight landed safely in Tel Aviv on Friday after its touchdown was delayed in response to a rocket attack near the city's Ben Gurion Airport. It was Air Canada’s first flight to Israel after suspending flights to the country on Tuesday.

The flight, originating in Toronto, was instructed to go into a holding pattern over central Israel before starting its final approach to the runway, said Ofer Lefler, a spokesman for Israel's Civil Aviation Authority. The diversion delayed the landing by four minutes, he said.

The problem here is that the RESUMPTION of flights over Israel is and was a political decision. It is the many diplomatic protests associated with "letting the terrorists win" that sicken mightily now.

Canada deliberately jeopardizing it's citizens in a war zone should not be about appeasing Israel politicos.