Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Ghaghoo Diamond Mine, Botswana

The Ghaghoo diamond mine was officially opened in 2014 by the president of Botswana. It is held by Gem Diamonds Botswana, which holds a 25-year mining licence.

'Ghaghoo' is the name of a locally abundant camel thorn acacia tree, and is the name historically used by locals to refer to the area, before geological exploration teams arrived over thirty years ago, renaming the area 'Gope' - literally translated meaning 'nowhere'.
The Ghaghoo mine is situated in the south-east portion of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The mine is expected to reach its designed throughput of 720 000 tons per year in 2015.

Total resources are estimated at 20.53 million carats with an in-situ value of US$ 4.9 billion.
One of the most difficult tasks to overcome was mining through approximately 80 vertical meters of sand overburden before reaching the competent country rock.

Botswana’s government has always denied that diamonds were the reason for the evictions of the Bushmen from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve between 1997 and 2005 – one of its claims was to protect the wildlife.
Lord Jones said in 2004, “Survival International continue to allege that the Bushmen have been forced off their lands because of diamonds."

The Kalahari Bushmen have lived sustainably alongside the reserve’s wildlife for generations but continue to face persecution in the name of conservation. Bushmen caught hunting to feed their families are arrested, beaten and tortured.

TubbyWad fully toasted finally - VFX.v

"Jason Allen, president and chief executive officer, and Bill Woods, chief financial officer, have relinquished control of the company to BDO as bankruptcy trustee and, effective immediately, are no longer officers of the company.

Harold Baxandall, Ron Long and Jason Allen have resigned their positions as directors of the company, effective immediately."
Takes MANY moons for this dead pure scam to expire and thank the useless as wicked hell regulators once again. Unbelievable.

We say it over and over and its ALWAYS true. Avoiding scams ain't rocket science. The instant tubbywad was willing to flip off stakeholder's paper to the GreekTard with zero control over dilution was the instant this PoS was very clearly doomed.

The GreekTard has seen fit to pass along regards to those buried in VFX.v, and really Georgie, you forgot to mention exactly HOW MUCH free trading paper you got for luring the public into purchasing this fukkin chit.

Re: What!!!!!!

in response to What!!!!!! by seahawks
posted on Jan 16, 15 05:57PM 

Hi, Seahawks. We're just as surprised as anyone about this development and trying to reach management for further comment.
To clarify your statement, Virtutone is a sponsor/advertiser of AGORACOM. We run their ads on the site and report the news issued by the company. We don't make buy recommendations.

FEATURE: Virtutone Networks (VFX:TSX-V) Net Revenues of $39.6M for Q3 2014

posted on Jan 13, 15 04:36PM


  • Net revenues reached $39,601,691 for the third quarter of 2014, an increase of $27,371,111 (Read Release)
  • $48,823,623 in Revenues for the Year Ended Jan 31, 2014 (Read Release)
  • Gross profit increased to $1,562,478 - Year Ended Jan 31, 2014

So naturally the "news" hit and OMG those zillions in revenues from unnamed types are all bad debts and this enterprise is bankrupt. Damn tis. Now WHO, 18 months ago, saw this wicked crooked horsechit coming? Its never rocket science and phat boy proves it in freakin spades.
And lets put them together for ANOTHER "success" from AgoraScam. GreekTards and crooks seem to go together, a body best make a note of that. Pffft.

"One of Virtutone Networks Inc.'s biggest clients based in London, United Kingdom, has not been able to make payments of a total amount of $13.8-million (U.S.) to the company. Virtutone's management has taken all the necessary steps in order to get payment but so far to no avail. Considering the importance of the amount involved, Virtutone had no other alternatives than to reduce costs to the minimal as well as to lay off all staff, excluding Jason Allen, chief executive officer, as well as William N. Woods, chief financial officer, and is now suspending operations to concentrate all efforts on obtaining payment. The outcome of these efforts being uncertain, there is no guarantee that Virtutone will be able to resume operations. Virtutone's management is currently undergoing a strategic review of available options and recourses in light of the current circumstances. The company's management will provide further updates as to progress of the situation and actions to be taken.

Our overfed phat boy has requested a trading halt for news, and that is probably a good thing because everybody and their blind dog already KNOWS what the fukkin news is gonna be ...

Jason Allen

VFX-Sad day
Virutone Networks info.
Have closed their doors at the main office in Sherwood Park.
Have laid off most of their employees.
Have discontinued customer support, noboby in office, shut up tighter than Fort Knox.
Have not paid their bills.
I made over 40 calls over the last 3 days, check for yourself 780 702 5777. Tried every extention and got picked up by a gal that had the phone forwarded to her but said nothing.

Mr. Jason Allen reports


Virtutone Networks Inc. achieved a new daily revenue record of over $500,000 in revenue on Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

"This is a great milestone that we have achieved," said Jason Allen, chief executive officer of Virtutone. "Due to our strong balance sheet, we are leveraging our strong financial position to increase organic sales as we had projected, while maintaining our margins. We have also updated our investor presentation, which is available now on our website."
It just goes on and on. Tubby's margins are negative, have always been negative, and will ALWAYS be negative.

The reporting of numbers pulled from ample and fully disgusting anus, now daily apparently, is totally fukkin bogus. The regulator should have stopped phat arse's dopey stupidity months ago. At this rate TubbyWad will be reporting "revenues" by the minute.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cool Concept Cars

The Centurion name was first used on a Buick concept car in the 1956 Motorama. It featured a red and white fiberglass body, airplane like interior design, and a full clear "bubble top" roof. It also had the first backup camera in place of a rear view mirror, although it was never shown to be functional, merely a concept.

Lamborghini Concept S. 2006. This 5-litre V10-powered concept, of which there are only two in existence, looks just as inspiring as its Gallardo production brother.

The Audi quattro concept was produced by Audi and presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2010.

The car was shelved in 2012.
2007 Audi Locus Concept Design by Ugur Sahin.
The 1953 General Motors Firebird 1 was created to see whether a gas turbine engine would be viable in the cars of the future. It wasn't.
1938 Buick Y-Job. Complete with electric windows and headlights that could hide away, it was revolutionary in it's day.