Saturday, November 21, 2015

Suzan El-Khatib soliciting me now for fuck sakes

Me: Are you retarded? And why is El-Khatib contacting me? I told her clearly to NOT bother me again. You WILL provide legal documents in hard copy form you hopeless mutt and they WILL be available at your office.

My patience with busted red-handed already criminals and deadbeats claiming to have ethics is zero. I'll attend tomorrow for my documents.

Suzan El-Khatib : Please let me know the exact time you intend to arrive.

Me : Ms El-Khatib you WILL remove your longnose self from this discourse. You have no standing whatever you ugly shemale ... that's what 'having' a lawyer means. Duh.

Suzan El-Khatib : I do have standing. Please obtain legal advice. You have no reason to attend our office and if you do, we will call 911 immediately.
Suzan El-Khatib : Why are we required to provide you legal documents in hard copy? We are not. Master Harper granted us leave to serve you by email, which we did and you received judging by your post.
Bankrupt, LSBC disciplined Michael Zsolt Galambos
Comment. The lawyer involved in Ms. El-Khatib's matter, bankrupt, LSBC disciplined Michael Zsolt Galambos was busted red-handed regarding a "short notice" scam and lying to the court.

There is EVERY legitimate reason to demand documents in hard copy because, drumroll, this law firm is chock full of wicked proven crooked MFers who break every possible rule if they can get away with it.

Second, these open crooks have EVERY responsibility to make documents available at their office. Period and end of LiarTard sentence. Pffft.

Full patch Hells Angel Damiano Dipopolo
Calling 911 is it after deliberately contacting me? Un fukkin REAL this crooked unit. How about longnose calling the same apparently crooked VPD pig she complained to about my 'criminal harassment' the other day? That PROBABLY won't work. Try it AGAIN anyways Suzan El-Khatib you long beaked mutant.

So whats my problem this time? I told KUNTALOO clearly to fuck off and stop bugging me, many times. Next a few kilos of documents are thrown around ex-parti style in BCSC by a busted red-handed liartard fukhead accusing me of harassing her. Riiiight.

Next she sticks that ultra-long beak into the matter yet again when she has ZERO STANDING.
This experience is surrealistic and fuk me I need to start producing a few pounds of stupidity in response for damn certain. This is gonna be a good un, eventually. Support this space. Donate if you are able. We need a laptop REAL bad.