Sunday, December 13, 2015

Censorship by LiarTardians - Suzan El-Khatib - Update III

Jody Claman
April 1, 2015. A former reality TV star who tried to manipulate and lie to a B.C. Supreme Court judge during her divorce proceedings has been ordered to pay special costs to her ex-husband.
Eran Friedlander claimed in a submission his ex-wife deserves “reproof or rebuke” for trying to mislead and deceive the court, disobeying court orders, using delay tactics and failing to disclose and dissipating assets.
“Ms. Claman’s actions point to more than a mere finding against her credibility,” said Gropper. “I find that she deliberately attempted to mislead and deceive the court on numerous occasions and that such deception, when viewed along with the conduct described below, justifies an award of special costs against Ms. Claman.”
"Friedlander, the chief executive officer of DuSolo Fertilizers, is planning to request the court order Claman to pay his legal costs, which Claman said were more than $300,000. She said her fees were around $700,000."

And this citizens is what a body 'gets' through the 'expert' representation of LiarTard extraordinary Ms. Suzan El-Khatib and the LiarTard law firm of Wiebe Douvelos Wittmann LLP. It seems lying like a sidewalk in BCSC is gonna (eventually) cost utterly retarded dum dums MAJOR no?

Gayle Myers
LiarTards busted in B.C. who run into ethical difficulties with the Law Society can run, not walk, to the law firm of highest possible ethical standards Wiebe Douvelos Wittmann LLP for expert assistance. Ms. Gayle Myers is available to help all those poor, abused, crooked anuses as she appears on the LSBC list of available LiarTards to 'help' their breathern.

One wonders if the woman has any other duties than to 'help' the multiple bankrupt, busted red-handed K9s from her own law firm. The state of the law profession in B.C. is a joke and this is par for the course. Nothing new to see here citizens.

Jeffery Emanuel Wittmann
"Wittmann admits that between April 2001 and March 2003 he collected GST and PST from his clients but failed to remit the funds due to the CRA and provincial government, as required by law. He further admits those failures are professional misconduct and are contrary to Chapter 2, Rule 2 of the Professional Conduct Handbook."

"16. The Respondent failed to remit GST due to Canada Revenue Agency in the total amount of $21,528.28. The Respondent used these funds collected in respect of GST for his own purposes."

"During that same timeframe that Wittmann worked for Company B he collected $13,467.31 in PST from his clients, but failed to remit funds due to the provincial government. "

And Jeffery Emanuel Wittmann is a discharged bankrupt too for cryin out bloody loud. There is NO END in sight with this gaggle of wicked dirty LiarTards. Birds of a dirty feather or what. Stay tuned Citizens. (Pfffft)

Ultra Longnose LiarTard Suzan El-Khatib has ATTEMPTED another take-down of dead true material here.

The result? We have the material up on half a dozen different sites already. No problemo whatsoever. (we stopped at a dozen, for now) It's amazing how desperately pure crooked scum will act in vain attempts to squelch the truth.

What El-Khatib has 'accomplished' is make the material EXPONENTIALLY more available whilst dragging her dopey employer through the mud yet again. Anybody actually hiring these fully crooked LiarTards best get their heads examined, pronto.

Suzan El-Khatib

Suzan El-Khatib
" Complaint of Civil Fraud by Hells Angels Lawyer Suzan El-Khatib

For the second time Ms. Suzan El-Khatib has filed a criminal harassment complaint with the police.

This member of the British Columbia bar makes multiple fraudulent complaints to the police in order to further her vexatious civil litigation. She did it with a supposed BCSC claim by Oz rapist Brett Matich and she did it again to further her own twisted, ultra longnosed agenda. What manner of law firm employs this detritus?

Bankrupt, busted red-handed BCSC liar Michael Galambos.
He stole 6 figures from his accountant Estela Perez.
He also claimed under oath that former Liberal justice minister Martin Cauchon offered him federal prosecution contracts if he bought a table at a fundraising dinner.

George Douvelos

Jeffery Emanuel Wittmann

Kent Douglas Wiebe