Thursday, December 31, 2015

HA members first to be charged under 'guilt by association' laws in Oz

Five alleged Hells Angels members are the first to be charged under controversial new "guilt by association" laws in South Australia. The legislation came into force during August and restricts members from 10 declared criminal organisations from gathering in groups of three or more in public or wearing gang colours and logos.

Police allege the men are all members and prospective members of the Hells Angels.

They were arrested in a series of raids at suburban properties across Adelaide on Thursday morning.
The laws were controversial from the moment they were proposed in SA. Liberal MLC Andrew McLachlan called them "dangerous and oppressive".

Prominent defence lawyer Craig Caldicott called the laws "guilt by way of means of association". He further added they were likely to be challenged in the court system as soon as the first arrests were made.'s-bikie-laws-are-'guilt-by-association'/6661540