Monday, December 7, 2015

Windsor cop caught smuggling booze fired five years later

More than five years after she was caught smuggling booze across the border, disgraced Windsor police Const. Dorothy Nesbeth has been fired from the force. Between the time Nesbeth was suspended in 2010 and her dismissal, she was paid more than $400,000 in salary.

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission, which heard the appeal of Nesbeth’s dismissal, confirmed it found her guilty of deceit and discreditable conduct and imposed a penalty of dismissal. She appealed the firing to the OCPC.

Cst. Dorothy Nesbeth

Windsor police officers who were at some point suspended with pay. Top: Alan Shipley, Dorothy Nesbeth, Kent Rice, Michael Shannon. Bottom: David Van Buskirk, Tom Rettig, Colin Little, Walter Martin.
Nesbeth’s troubles began July 28, 2010, when Canadian border officers stopped her at the Ambassador Bridge. They seized 102 cans of beer, 10 litres of wine and two bottles of rum, all undeclared. She was charged under the Police Services Act with deceit, and two counts of discreditable conduct. Nesbeth’s lawyer Linda McCurdy said “There are a lot of police officers who are working on the force who’ve done way worse than what they found she did”
“ ... the appellant had plenty of opportunities to demonstrate remorse, accept responsibility, and thus mitigate the most aggravating elements of her conduct. But she consistently chose not to.”