Friday, January 29, 2016

Shannon Watson

Gotta pity genetics. This semi-young lady is Dennis Watson's daughter and sometimes editor on the PoS 'gangsters out' blog.

Her fat old Da Da has published many, many photos of the children of HA, so we figure its past time for her. Its only fair. Asshole RAT Dennis Watson figures its too cool to put innocent people in jeopardy. How does it feel to be DIRECTLY responsible for putting his own daughter in jeopardy? Unknown. The dude is a too far gone nutso case. Anybody getting banned from the 'Guardian Angels' must be fuked in the head.
Sick in the bean or not, Dennis Watson best give it a shake, real soon. The absolute best revenge for his countless insults of the HA would not be whack the idiot, it would be whack what the idiot loves. Even that pure fukkin retard Dennis Watson should know that one by now. Time be running out here ... if pure anonymous scum can be believed that is.