Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stephanie Guthrie - Senior Communications Officer - YWCA

According to Ms. Guthrie's online resume she is employed full time by the YWCA as a Senior Communications Officer.

Note: A minimal internet search suggests she is/was actually a receptionist at a YWCA gym.

Time Out. Did not a judge just find ... "Guthrie participated in an online campaign to accuse Elliott of sexual assault", and further organized a campaign where she and her cohort falsely accused Gregory Alan Elliott of being a pedophile?

So her conduct is condoned, supported, and encouraged by the YWCA? Is this what we take away from this? Is the YWCA involved in this improper and illegal activity? For an organization that relies heavily on donations from the public, this observer would suggest Ms. Stephnie Guthrie's continued employment is a very serious black eye for this organization that can only get much, much bigger.
We believe Ms. Guthrie ought to be charged criminally for what she did. How can it be possible for the YWCA to continue to be associated with Ms. Guthrie in ANY way? It absolutely, positively cannot.

Ms. Guthrie needs to find an employer who is fine with immoral and illegal conduct that is contrary to the public good. We submit the YWCA is not that organization.

Stephanie Guthrie

It is appearing Ms. Stephanie Guthrie works for your organization.
I have great difficulty with the fact that a judge recently found ...

"Guthrie participated in an online campaign to accuse Elliott of sexual assault"

I also have great difficulty that this campaign extended to ...

convened a meeting of friends to discuss how Elliott should be publicly shamed; they bombarded their followers with furious tweets and retweets about him (including a grotesque suggestion from someone pretending she was a 13-year-old that he was a pedophile)"

I submit Ms. Guthrie has proven she ought not be employed by your organization for cause. These very public activities are morally corrupt and illegal, and that will extend to your organization's reputation. This woman needs to find employment elsewhere, immediately. Her personal activities are contrary to the rule of law and ought to be taken as far away from the YWCA as possible.