Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Toronto Counselors Shelley Carroll and Kristyn Wong-Tam

Stephanie Guthrie
Stephanie Guthrie enlisted political support for her criminal conspiracy against Gregory Alan Elliott. Two Toronto Counselors are prominent ... Shelley Carroll and Kristyn Wong-Tam. To this day Guthrie displays self-aggrandizing propaganda featuring both on LinkedIn.

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"-Produced a panel mini-series featuring Toronto city councillors Shelley Carroll and Kristyn Wong-Tam"

Stephanie Guthrie
Shelley Carroll called on a conference of young women to start “bullying” people who disagree with her ideology.
She is the City Councillor for Ward 33 - Don Valley East. She was first elected in 2003.
Shelley Carroll made headlines in 2013 when she dissolved into tears on the floor of council after getting into an argument with Mike del Grande over the word 'kiting'. In 2014 she won her fourth term.

Her hiring of criminal, social activist/anarchist Leah Henderson and fringe radical Claudia Calabro is incomprehensible.

Leah Henderson

Claudia Calabro

Kristyn Wong-Tam was a realtor prior to being elected to City Council in 2010 as the first out lesbian.
She gained attention at Ryerson University when she supported a Feminist Collective rally about “reclaiming” safe spaces on campus. “What I am seeing across Toronto are too many incidents steeped in hatred and bigotry and ignorance.”

She failed to disclose that she is one of the founding members of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, a hate group.