Monday, February 29, 2016

Massive Carbon Monoxide Spike a Mystery

On February 26, 2015 The Global Forecast System model recorded an intense and wide-ranging carbon monoxide (CO) spike over the West Coast of North America. A region stretching from British Columbia, through Washington and Oregon, and on over most of California experienced CO readings ranging from about 5,000 parts per billion over the Southern mountains of B.C. to as high as 40,000 parts per billion over Southern California.

Peak readings appear from Northern California near Eureka and the southern edge of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and along a line south and eastward over Central California to just north and west of Los Angeles near Palmdale along the San Andreas Fault Line.
These readings are between 50 and 265 times above typical background CO levels of about 150 parts per billion. It appears that geological activity may have produced an intense burp of gas. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) readings were also elevated, with peak readings also appearing in Southwestern California.

No major geological organization has yet made any report on this large CO spike. However, scientific research in Nature Asia, by K. S. Jayaraman notes that major CO and SO2 spikes may be an indication of future earthquake activity.

Tectonic map of the Pacific Northwest, showing the Cascadia subduction zone.

Line on this map follows the surface trace of the San Andreas Fault

Relief map of the western United States with the background velocity field (relative to a fixed North American plate) determined from two decades of GPS

W18 appears in Canada - 100 times more potent than fentanyl

Calgary saw 272 fentanyl-related deaths in 2015. In August, city police seized 100 tablets of what they thought were fentanyl. When samples they sent to Health Canada for tests came back, cops learned three contained an even more potent compound known now as W-18.

It was the first appearance of W-18 in this country since its birth in an Edmonton lab more than 30 years ago.
In 1982 researchers at Edmonton’s University of Alberta were researching compounds with painkilling potential. In the end the project was shelved, and about 30 compound recipes sat dormant until the patents expired. This is exactly what Chinese chemists were seeking — a cheap high. This is how new synthetic drugs coming from China are born.

They did stimulants and amphetamines and ecstasy and now they have started to go into opiate-based drugs. Recently found and re-purposed by a Chinese chemist, W-18 showed up in Europe in 2013 and Sweden in 2014.

W-18 isn’t currently a controlled substance in Canada or the U.S.
Drug cops in the U.S. are now finding it in their raids. Because of W-18’s potency, it doesn’t take a lot of it to make a large number of pills and it’s hard to detect.

It carries with it a very high risk for overdose and is 10,000 times more powerful than morphine. “Whenever this drug starts circulating on the streets you’re going to have deaths,” chemist Brian Escamilla said.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

RCMP racked up $911,000 in overtime alone in Nuttall/Korody

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody are shown in a still image taken from RCMP undercover video.
The RCMP spent just over $900,000 in overtime pay over the course of a five-month undercover operation that led to the arrests of two terrorism suspects in British Columbia.

Documents obtained by The Canadian Press through a freedom-of-information request show the Mounties paid at least 200 people, mostly police officers, $911,090.54 for overtime work during the investigation, which was code named Project Souvenir. The Vancouver Police Department was given $92,397, though it's unclear how that money was divided. The overall cost of the operation was not provided.
Recovering addicts and recent converts to Islam living in a Metro Vancouver basement suite, the common-law couple were entrapped by the RCMP, who preyed upon their vulnerabilities, which included daily doses of methadone, their lawyers say. The trial became a shredding machine for the country’s open-court principles due to a CSIS agent provocateur who may have been at work in the months before the RCMP launched Operation Souvenir against the couple.

In 2012, Surrey RCMP dealt with Nuttall as a nuisance with mental health issues. By 2013, he had somehow become a serious and imminent threat to national security requiring very expensive CSIS and RCMP operations.
Five years after Vancouver’s riot, prosecutors tallied the damages caused to people, places and things at $3.5 million and prosecution costs in excess of $5 million. A report itemizes the rioters, responders, damages, evidence and the number of rioters who ended up in jail. 912 charges were laid against 300 rioters.

The multi-police force Integrated Riot Investigation Team identified 297 separate “riot events,” including 52 assaults, 26 arsons, 193 acts of mischief that damaged property and 26 break-and-enters.
Thieves come in ALL MANNER of shapes and sizes, and probably the biggest thieves of them all are the dolts spending taxpayer money without proper (or any) oversight. The Nuttall/Korody matter could turn out be the biggest boon-doogle in living memory. Vancouver's riot is only slightly less ridiculous vis-a-vis the eventual final cost where the vast majority of charges were very likely unnecessary. Giving the cops and/or crown prosecutors a free hand to do as they fukkin please with taxpayer money is dead stupid. End of Sentence.

Bandits in the News - Update

A bespectacled bank robber with a "bad mullet" wig has struck for the fourth time this month, Toronto police say. The most recent robbery happened on Friday night — the same day police released security footage from one of his earlier robberies.

He walked into a TD Bank branch shortly before 8 p.m., demanded money, brandished a handgun, and walked away with an undisclosed amount of cash. Nobody was hurt. The robber was wearing his mullet during Friday's robbery — the same reddish wig he sported Thursday when he was caught on security camera robbing a Scotiabank branch. He was also caught on tape robbing banks in Toronto on Feb. 11 and Feb. 19.
Police captured the Vaulter Bandit. Jeffrey James Shuman, whom authorities believe is Canada’s most prolific bank robber, was flown back to the GTA from Europe on Saturday to face a slew of charges stemming from 21 gunpoint heists. The trip took five days, involved an alleged escape attempt and ultimately required a private jet.

Shuman had a lengthy history of bank robberies south of the border, where he was dubbed the Reebok Bandit, long before surfacing in Canada. After the last holdup on May 8, 2015, the Canadian Bankers Association offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

The Vaulter Bandit is suspected of robbing 21 banks since 2010 across Canada
A British woman dubbed ‘the Barbie bandit’ luck has run out. She was arrested in Argentina after allegedly going on a robbery spree. Georgia Wawman – who moved to South America two years ago – was arrested after a series of raids by a gang on at least 16 exclusive homes and country clubs in Buenos Aires.

Wawman was arrested with her boyfriend Jose Mino – who has previously served three-and-a-half years in jail for robbery – along with six other people.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Major Atmospheric Methane Spike

On February 20th 2015, for about 12 hours, the NOAA METOP measure recorded a major atmospheric methane spike in the range of 3,096 parts per billion at 20,000 feet. This was the highest methane reading ever recorded and the first time any measurement has exceeded the 3,000 parts per billion threshold.

This far exceeds the global atmospheric average of around 1830 parts per billion.
The mammoth methane gas leak that spewed uncontrollably from a damaged well in California’s Aliso Canyon was finally capped last week. The Aliso Canyon leak thrust an estimated 96,000 metric tons of potent methane, and other noxious substances, into the atmosphere at a rate of 58,000 kilograms of methane per hour.

In Texas, researchers estimate around 60,000 kilograms are spewed every hour by over 25,000 natural gas wells in operation on the Barnett Shale. This amounts to around 544,000 tons of methane every year. Texas is dealing with a comparable disaster that has been overlooked by officials and the media because the state’s methane emanates from a powerful industry.

Global average abundances of the major, well-mixed, long-lived greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, CFC-12 and CFC-11 - from the NOAA

February 25, 2015 Copenicus methane graphic tracking surface methane readings.
A vast expanse of permafrost has started to thaw for the first time since it formed 11,000 years ago. It is caused by the recent 3+°C rise in local temperature over the past 40 years - more than four times the global average. Peat bogs cover an area of a million square miles (or almost a quarter of the earth's land surface) to a depth of 25 meters.
This has the potential to release vast quantities of methane trapped below the surface - billions of tonnes of methane. World-wide, peat bogs store at least two trillion tons of CO2. This is equivalent to a century of emissions from fossil fuels.

This is one of scientist's most feared tipping points.

Russian scientists examining enormous craters which have appeared in the Yamal region of Siberia

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Barking Dogs Fork with Racoons - Study

Raccoons on B.C.'s Gulf Islands have been living the good life for more than a century, ever since their natural predators were hunted off the islands by humans.

The raccoons spend day and night on the shoreline, gorging on seafood, which has had a detrimental effect on the intertidal ecosystem. In a study published Wednesday in Nature Communications, one ecologist presents a solution: scare the raccoons' appetite away with the sound of barking dogs.
Unfortunately racoons are no dummies. The barking sounds may be enough to scare them for a few months, but they will soon overcome that fear.

Scientists say long term change would require the reintroduction of predators who enjoy raccoon for dinner.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Donald Trump Loves the 'Poorly Educated'

One group of voters that Donald Trump did especially well with in the Nevada caucuses were the poorly educated. He even touted this fact during his victory speech.

And the poorly educated love Trump back, clearly.
After Thursday night’s debate, in which Mr. Trump came under heavy fire over the need to release his tax returns, the real-estate mogul explained he can’t release the returns because he’s under audit from the Internal Revenue Service, due to his 'strong Christian beliefs'

Rivals Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz piled on at the debate and both said they plan to release recent tax returns in the next couple of days.

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Montreal police officer who pepper-sprayed students found guilty of assault

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Stéfanie Trudeau was found guilty yesterday of assault for an excessively violent arrest she made three years ago.
Trudeau, 43, was a supervising constable with the Montreal police on Oct. 2, 2012, and was training a new young recruit, Constable Kevin Henri, when they approached Rudi Occhietti, 49, for holding an open bottle of beer on a public sidewalk — a municipal infraction.

Within a matter of minutes, the situation degenerated into the assault of Occhietti’s friend, Serge Lavoie, 52, because he questioned how Trudeau was doing her job.

Trudeau was infamous Agent 728 or Matricule 728 who was captured on video pepper-spraying students protesting against proposed tuition hikes.

Stéfanie Trudeau
Trudeau threatened to arrest Lavoie for obstruction and Lavoie ran back inside the studio to get away from her. She chased him into the studio, grabbed him at the top of a stairway, dragged him downward and pinned his face to one of the bottom steps.

The judge characterized what she did in those moments as “brutal and dangerous"

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Turtle Smuggling Big Business - Another Terrapin Bust

A man caught smuggling nearly 40 turtles in his pants has been fined $3,500 and placed on probation for two years. Dong Yan of Windsor, Ont., was convicted earlier this month of illegally importing reptiles into Canada that were transported in contravention of a foreign state's law.

During an inspection at the Niagara border crossing on June 11, 2014, Canada Border Services Agency officials discovered 38 turtles strapped to Yan's legs.
Court heard the turtles were contained in plastic bags and taped to Yan's legs under his pants. In addition to the fine and probation, Yan is prohibited from owning or possessing turtles and tortoises for 10 years, and must do 50 hours of community service.

Officials say $2,000 from the fine will be directed to the Environmental Damages Fund.
Forget cocaine and going to jail for a zillion years Citizens. The real money is in sticking turtles down yer fukking pants. Pfffftttt.
An Ontario man’s guilty plea in late 2015 for smuggling 51 turtles in his sweatpants might seem surprising, even more so when 27-year-old Kai Xu kept it up after being busted for illegally transporting wildlife across the Canada-U.S. border.

But the reptiles represent big business in China, where they are worth double or triple what Xu paid for them online.

Border agents say Kai Xu ordered turtles online and would travel to the U.S. to pick them up or ship them to China.
In a court filing, authorities said that he regularly “deals in turtle shipments worth $30,000, $80,000 or $125,000.” It’s illegal to export wildlife from the U.S. without a license from the government.

The global illegal trade of wildlife is a lucrative business.
Tortoises and freshwater turtles are one of the most commonly smuggled species in Asia. The reptiles are increasingly coming out of North America, particularly as Asian species become depleted.

In parts of Asia, turtles are considered a delicacy and a symbol of health and longevity, and that helps fuel demand. But they’re also a status symbol, in part because of their endangered status. As they become increasingly rare, demand rises.

RCMP officers found guilty of accessing, possessing child pornography

Aiden Arthur Pratchett
A Saskatchewan RCMP officer has been found guilty of accessing and possessing child pornography. The verdict against Const. Aiden Arthur Pratchett was delivered by a judge in a Saskatoon courtroom on Wednesday morning.

Pratchett's lawyer had argued there could be many reasons for the files on the computer, including viruses. He also emphasized that Pratchett swore under oath that he never downloaded or possessed child porn.
The judge ruled it was unlikely anyone could have remotely placed the images on his computer. The judge also said evidence proved Pratchett was the only one with access to his computer.

The RCMP suspended Pratchett with pay the day after investigators seized his devices in October 2014. RCMP in Saskatchewan's Internet Exploitation Unit had been conducting an internal police investigation into file sharing and were tracing IP addresses when they identified a suspect.
Pratchett was posted in the remote fly-in community of Fond-du-Lac in northern Saskatchewan. A personal computer was seized from his home.

A timeline of Pratchett’s internet downloading activity was submitted as evidence. The entries showed that illegal activity had occurred in the early morning hours after Pratchett returned from his shift. Evidence showed Pratchett manually changed internet settings, which indicated that the illegal files were intentionally downloaded to his computer. Pratchett’s defense had no questions for cross-examination.

Ryan Hampton
In September 2015 former Vernon Mountie Ryan Hampton was found guilty of possessing and downloading child pornography as well as breaching court orders. Hampton, 37, breached court orders not to contact his then-wife Const. Valerie Little, herself a member of the RCMP.

Hampton and Little were both full time members of the Vernon RCMP in May, 2013 when Little turned in an external hard drive containing 60 images and three videos. He admitted to being addicted to heroin and cocaine.
There is absolutely nothing lower in this life than child molesters. Not rats, not rapists. These 'men' violated the public trust and lets be very clear here, they are sick and in need of correction, badly.

Certainly they will serve their time in segregation. In prison general population they would very probably wind up beaten to a pulp daily, or worse. The fact they are ex-cops would hardly matter, much.