Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bandits in the News - Update

A bespectacled bank robber with a "bad mullet" wig has struck for the fourth time this month, Toronto police say. The most recent robbery happened on Friday night — the same day police released security footage from one of his earlier robberies.

He walked into a TD Bank branch shortly before 8 p.m., demanded money, brandished a handgun, and walked away with an undisclosed amount of cash. Nobody was hurt. The robber was wearing his mullet during Friday's robbery — the same reddish wig he sported Thursday when he was caught on security camera robbing a Scotiabank branch. He was also caught on tape robbing banks in Toronto on Feb. 11 and Feb. 19.
Police captured the Vaulter Bandit. Jeffrey James Shuman, whom authorities believe is Canada’s most prolific bank robber, was flown back to the GTA from Europe on Saturday to face a slew of charges stemming from 21 gunpoint heists. The trip took five days, involved an alleged escape attempt and ultimately required a private jet.

Shuman had a lengthy history of bank robberies south of the border, where he was dubbed the Reebok Bandit, long before surfacing in Canada. After the last holdup on May 8, 2015, the Canadian Bankers Association offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

The Vaulter Bandit is suspected of robbing 21 banks since 2010 across Canada
A British woman dubbed ‘the Barbie bandit’ luck has run out. She was arrested in Argentina after allegedly going on a robbery spree. Georgia Wawman – who moved to South America two years ago – was arrested after a series of raids by a gang on at least 16 exclusive homes and country clubs in Buenos Aires.

Wawman was arrested with her boyfriend Jose Mino – who has previously served three-and-a-half years in jail for robbery – along with six other people.