Monday, February 15, 2016

Dirty Dogs at Bayview Village Mall - Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP

So this citizen considers hisself a reasonably progressive dude. Fuk yup. Who has a hate on for little doggies, running around in little doggie coats, usually at the end of a leash held by gramma? Nobody right?

Well this citizen was thrown for a loop at the Bayview Village Mall in Toronto. The K9s were literally EVERYWHERE and within an hour we saw 5 (countem) K9s running here, running there, running everywhere. No problemo right? Well there WAS a problem when I witnessed one of the little basterds taking at piss right ON the visitor's desk.
So WTF 'happens'? Nada thing. The owner pretends not to notice and kept walking. Well fork me, silence here is nada option on this one. I bitch long, I bitch loud, and I bitch sincerely, and only THEN does some dum dum appear to clean it up.

So what's my problem? The dopes running this recently renovated mall are catering to the upper dippy-do-da crusty types now, and figure having an 'open door' policy on K9s will be a novelty and bring more of their well-heeled types in.
They even promote as "The new era of malls". Yeah right says I. First issue is health. There are restaurants everywhere and there are many rules and regulations governing where animals are SUPPOSED to be ... and that's nowhere near where food is being prepared. Those rules apparently no longer exist for these dopes. Second issue is general cleanliness. Do people expect their kids to be playing in dog shit and dog piss when they visit a mall?

Third there is a safety issue. ANY dog can be dangerous, and one of the mutts I saw was a big un ... fully capable of taking a large piece outta somebody. Finally there is a legal issue. If somebody does get bitten, these dopes stand to get sued stupid, and they bloody well should be.

2901 Bayview Avenue Unit C-105
Toronto, ON M2K 1E6
Punchline is the dumbarses here ... Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP have executive offices in the complex. They can't possibly play dumb and blame some, errr peon. Surely the executive turds are in that mall every day and know exactly WTF is going on there.

FOR SHAME you wicked open crooked basterds. Grrrrrrrr.