Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Drug trial of Hells Angels and associates gets underway

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Accused drug trafficker and Hells Angel David Giles told undercover police officers that his “brothers” would take over his massive cocaine deal if anything were to happen to him.

Giles tried to reassure officers posing as a South American drug organization that he had big-time backers for a 500-kilogram cocaine deal worth almost $15 million, federal prosecutor Chris Greenwood said in his opening statement Monday in B.C. Supreme Court. Giles referenced his “family” and “brothers” several times during recorded conversations when the police were pushing for guarantees about payment and distribution of the cocaine.

David Giles

Bryan Oldham
When the cops wanted to meet more of Giles’ backers in August 2012, the longtime Hells Angel said he would try to get them to the table.

The next day, “Mr. Oldham, Mr. Giles and a third individual who the Crown alleges is Damiano Dipopolo are observed doing a walk and talk,” Greenwood said.

Damiano Dipopolo
Giles then told police “that he had three long meetings with his family. They are not comfortable coming to the table as they are concerned with respect to conspiracy law and organized crime,” After the purported drug smugglers continued to push Giles, he brought Oldham to a meeting with some of the cops in Vancouver.

“He confirmed he was one of Mr. Giles’ brothers and that if something happened, he would take over his spot.”
Riiiight says we. One wonders how much will be coming outta this trial. Specifically the amazing cat-like abilities of Mr. Damiano Dipopolo. As an aside, we wonder mightily what is going through the head of Mr. Giles. He miraculously avoids an extended term in prison once whilst rubbing shoulders with Mr. Dipopolo, and what happens the second time?

Perhaps sitting in prison for the next 10 odd years will help him figure out what most have been suspecting for a looooong while already.

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