Friday, February 12, 2016

Jian Ghomeshi Trial turning into a Gong Show - Update II

The Jian Ghomeshi matter has heard final arguments of defence lawyer Marie Henein and co-counsel Danielle Robitaille. Every single one of the women complainants told a different story to police than they were eventually forced to tell when confronted on the stand.

The first witness conveniently forgot about the e-mails and bikini photo she sent Ghomeshi. DeCoutere didn’t disclose her love letter where she told him “I love your hands”. The third only remembered giving him a hand job after the other two had been grilled about their own missing memories.
“It is our submission that the evidence in the courtroom falls so far short of proving anything beyond a reasonable doubt, it is so riddled with inconsistencies and improbabilities and proven lies under oath that it cannot be said to prove anything,” Henein concluded, urging Justice William Horkins to find her client not guilty.
Very few things in life are black and/or white. There's always various shades of grey. After looking into Mr. Jian Ghomeshi, very slightly, one CANNOT say he is "innocent". That is and was an error. He's got some wicked and highly bizarre ideas rolling around in that dopey bean of his, no question. But. Open lying while under oath in court can't be tolerated in a free society, ever.

Jian Ghomeshi
In yet another valuable lesson this space acknowledges what appears to be a female conspiracy against what is appearing to be a (semi) innocent man.

We acknowledge being influenced by the media and we acknowledge a very real hatred for rapists and near rapists. Whenever the Ghomeshi matter hit we were quick to judge and condemn.

Jian Ghomeshi

Lucy DeCoutere - lying bitch
For the 3rd consecutive time, a female witness against Mr. Ghomeshi is accused of lying to authorities about significant details of her relationship with him.

The third witness in this trial, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, is accused of working with complainant Lucy DeCoutere in a malicious and orchestrated effort to bring the former star down.
Between October, 2014, when the allegations about Mr. Ghomeshi became public, through September 2015, the two women exchanged about 5,000 messages, including some that discussed strategy for the woman to use in pursuing charges.

The third witness's allegations are from 2003. “Do you agree that’s a lie there, under oath, to the police?” Jian Ghomeshi's lawyer asked. “It’s an omission,” the woman replied. “It’s a misjudgment.” Riiiiight. What this damn circus is appearing to be is another rabid feminist conspiracy, this time from a severely emotionally 'hurt' and very bitter moon unit, made this way because Mr. Ghomeshi wanted nothing more to do with her.
The Crown indicated late on Monday it intends to call only one more witness in the judge-only trial being heard by Justice William Horkins of the Ontario Court of Justice. That witness, who was due to travel to Toronto from rural Nova Scotia, has been delayed by weather.

The Crown and counsel for the defence are scheduled make arguments on Tuesday morning about the admissibility of the witness.
Jesus, God Lord Almighty. How many zillions of taxpayer bucks are going straight down the sewer (again) on this one?

Where, and when, does this TOTAL bullshit end?

Madeleine Meilleur

WTF is wrong with Ontario 'justice'? It's appearing a certain fact this is one SERIOUSLY fucked up Province and we can 'thank' the outrageous rabid lesbian entrenched politicos yet again for proving it to the world faaaaaar beyond any possible doubt.