Monday, February 1, 2016

Madeleine Meilleur - Office of the Attorney General Ontario

Madeleine Meilleur
Well folks, the Stephanie Guthrie matter has the buck stopping in only ONE possible place, and that is in the lap of Ms. Madeleine Meilleur - Office of the Attorney General Ontario.

Madeleine Meilleur represents the riding of Ottawa-Vanier. She was first elected to the Ontario legislature in 2003 after more than a decade in municipal politics. She was appointed Attorney General in March 2014 by Kathleen Wynne.

Kathleen Wynne is the first female premier of Ontario, the first openly gay head of government in Canada, and the second openly gay head of government in the English-speaking world. Her coming out as a lesbian occurred at age 37.

Kathleen Wynne
"Wynne said she's not a gay activist, but she does have "added responsibilities" as an openly-gay premier to try to make society more tolerant and inclusive. "I never pretended to be a gay activist, that's not who I was, but the fact is that being a lesbian, being in this office, allows people to look at this office in a different way," she said.

Speaking at the anti-bullying Pink Shirt Day event at the high school, Wynne said she's frequently approached by fathers who say having an "out" premier helps make things better, and safer, for their gay children."
All right. Fuck this. Here we go again. Lets be politically incorrect because we must. After the Stephanie Guthrie offense and the allegations of a conspiracy up to and including the Office of the Attorney General of Ontario, can one be faulted for assuming that things are NOT better, NOT safer, for straight men? How about they are going 'straight' to fucking hell with a day coming, if it ain't here already, when men are second class citizens in Ontario?

Geezus Christ. Mr. Greg Elliott's singular apparent 'crime', that I can find after looking in VERY minute detail, many times, was saying on Twitter a woman had a fat ass. Dopey taxpayers certainly blew over a million bucks on this damn offense and there wasn't a SINGLE check or balance to prevent it?

Give me a fukking break. Something is REALLY reeking in this Denmark and lets just say it. The installation of ardent, raging, rabid feminists to positions of power in Ontario is turning out to be a MASSIVE mistake.
Assholes in this Province best smarten up here, and quickly. Taxpayers can't afford these dopey witch hunts in perpetuity and this Province is very quickly becoming a global joke.