Friday, February 5, 2016

Nanaimo Hells Angels clubhouse still off limits

It’s been more than eight years since the Nanaimo Hells Angels have had access to their Victoria Road clubhouse. They were kicked out in November 2007 when the B.C. government filed a civil forfeiture suit against the biker gang, alleging that the clubhouse had been used to commit criminal offences in the past.

Last year, the director of civil forfeiture changed its strategy in the case, dropping allegations of past criminal conduct and claiming only that the clubhouse should be seized because it would be used in the future to commit crimes.

The Nanaimo clubhouse, at 805 Victoria Rd., was seized on Nov. 9, 2007
The bikers went back to the B.C. Supreme Court judge overseeing the protracted proceedings and asked to regain access to the building pending the trial in May 2017. Justice Barry Davies ruled this week that the preservation order disallowing biker access to the clubhouse would stay in place until the trial.

“I am satisfied that the director continues to meet the very low `serious issue to be tried’ threshold,” Davies said in a written ruling released Thursday. Davies noted, “Surveillance cameras are set up to allow occupants to observe the area surrounding the clubhouse, and the main doors are heavily constructed. There were two baseball bats hanging on the wall inside the entrance, but no other evidence of baseball equipment.”
A body has to wonder about the bigger issue here. So the state can basically steal real property for 9+ years with virtually zero justification? That's an asshole tightener. Whats to stop highly motivated oinkers from doing the same to ANY citizen? Nothing, apparently.

What would make things interesting is if the Crown's case eventually gets blown outta the fukkin water, which isn't unreasonable. (bats hanging on a wall? Geezus) The HA would be entitled to civil damages, and they could potentially be very large.