Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Fraudulent Rat's arse Dennis Watson - 'Gangsters Out'

Dennis Watson
The rat Dennis Watson's 'life' is truly a tragic thing to behold. It is very clear he is suffering from a chronic mental illness, untreated. This being so one must recognize him for the pathetically sad example he is.

He has no moral compass. He has no ethics. He has no pride nor self-respect. It is impossible for his mind to determine right from wrong. He knows no guilt. Empathy is foreign to him. In his twisted, perverted mind he is always correct.

Shannon Watson, Dennis Watson

Dennis Watson
We have a great deal more material on Mr. Dennis Watson of the 'Gangsters Out' blog. So much material that it turns this stomach, and that takes some doing. The man is very clearly insane, and we say this with the greatest respect possible for those that are mentally unbalanced. There is help available.

Sadly for Mr. Dennis Watson there is no redemption, and that's just sad and truly pathetic. His life is virtually over now and he has been sick virtually every day of it. This space carries no grudge for the terminally insane.

Dennis Watson

Shannon Watson
The absolute worst act of Mr. Dennis Watson, of many, was involving his daughter Shannon in his outrageous stupidity. That is, even for a 'man' like Dennis Watson, an act which has no excuse whatever. It is the lowest of the low. If there is a hell, it should find him for tainting her.

One hopes, mightily, she doesn't one day realize exactly and precisely what kind of a 'man' her father actually is and was. As we say there is a great deal more that could be said about Mr. Dennis Watson. A mountain of nearly unbelievable, sickening rubbish. Does anybody really care? Does anybody WANT to care?

Dennis Watson

Moya Greene, former head of Canada Post
Ain't no stopping inquiring minds when properly motivated. As most of us know the rat Dennis Watson was booted from his cushy job at Canada Post for impersonating Moya Greene during a spam and slag campaign. He sent zillions of emails with @moyagreene to employees. Canada Post fired his ass, but not before total dumbass Dennis Watson surrendered his laptop ... which contained all the evidence of his abject scumbummery.

Naturally the fukhead then tried to run to his union to save dopey self. That didn't work for some reason and he was disqualified from collecting Unemployment Insurance because he was fired for VERY GOOD cause. Hardy Har Har Har.
Next stop for retardo Watson was Telus, where he became a union activist 'savior' for the working man. He targeted a Telus manager using the Guardian Angels website for ANOTHER 'spam and slag' campaign. She contacted Curtis Sliwa.

Sliwa went to dickhead Watson and he played stupid fucker (yet again) so Sliwa kicked him out of the group.

Shannon Watson, Dennis Watson editors of 'Gangsters Out' blog
Stay tuned folks. This flaming 'religious' dumbass takes the fukkin Rat cake and we're just getting warmed up here.