Sunday, March 27, 2016

B.C. man splits head open - can't get treatment

A B.C. man who split his scalp open in an accident is sharing his hospital horror story. A 35-pound piece of motorcycle engine fell on Darcy Bailey while he was cleaning his workshop, and the steel left him with a bloody, two-inch gash.

He made his way to the emergency room at Fort St. John Hospital and checked in at the nursing station – and then he waited. And waited. More than eight hours later, he gave up, telling a nurse that he would return in the morning. When he went back the next day, medical staff told him he had waited too long, and they wouldn’t be able to close the gash on his head.
Eleven days after he walked out of the emergency room in Fort St. John, Bailey and his wife visited relatives in Abbotsford. Concerned with how the wound was healing, family convinced him to go see a doctor – who promptly stitched up the gash.

Bailey says he has recovered from his injury – but his faith in the B.C. medical system has not. The Fort St. John Hospital opened in 2011 and cost BC taxpayers $302 Million