Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hells Angels on the Mend in Quebec

Journal de Montréal indicates at least one person was spotted wearing a Hells Angels Trois-Rivières 'patch' in February.

If accurate, that could mean three of the five Quebec chapters, Montreal, South, Trois-Rivières, could once again be active. The other two, Sherbrooke and Quebec are believed to still be frozen, a term used to indicate a chapter that cannot field at least six members to maintain operations. The Trois-Rivières chapter has not been active since the 2009 police operation SharQc that crippled the club's Quebec presence.
The Quebec government demolished the former Hells Angels "clubhouse" in Trois-Rivières in July 2015.

In June 2015 five members of the chapter were sentenced to 'time served' and released, Jean-François Bergeron, 54, Marc-André Hotte, 43, Steve Rainville, 42, Gilles Robidoux, 62 and Bernard Plourde, 52.