Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Oxy Alley - Blood Reserve drug dealer facing manslaughter charges

Roxy Blood and Tim Eagle Speaker, both of whom died from fentanyl
The man accused of providing the deadly fentanyl that killed an Alberta couple is now facing manslaughter charges, a rare legal step.

Bobby Weasel Head, a 41-year-old Blood Tribe member had charges upgraded to manslaughter, which is unusual in fatal drug cases.

This street in Stand Off has earned the nickname Oxy Alley, given high volumes of drug activity. Oxy80 is often the street name for fentanyl.
Police were called to a home on the Blood reserve southwest of Lethbridge on March 20, 2015, when they found Roxanne Blood, 41, and Timothy Eagle Speaker, 46, dead at the scene.

Investigators believe the parents of four children had been at a birthday party and were provided with a drug containing fentanyl. Weasel Head and his co-accused, Jessica Good Rider, 26, and Charles Shouting, 35, both of Stand Off, were arrested within days of the party.
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