Friday, April 1, 2016

Montreal Police arrest 11 in drug raid

A total of 11 people were arrested in a drug raid, 10 of them at the Montreal North residence where the raid had taken place. The 11th, arrested without incident in Repentigny, is Dany Villanueva. 6 guns were recovered.

Villanueva was spared deportation in January when Citizenship and Immigration Canada ruled that his return to his native Honduras could put his life in danger. John McCallum is Canada's Immigration Minister.

Dany Villanueva
Dany Villanueva’s younger brother Fredy was killed after an altercation in a Montreal North park in 2008. Police were trying to question and arrest Dany when the situation deteriorated and one of the officers fired a series of shots, killing Fredy and injuring two young men.

That shooting outraged the Montreal North community and became a symbol of the tense relationships between Montreal police and visible minorities. Dany Villanueva had been ordered deported in 2010 for a 2006 armed robbery conviction.

Dany Villanueva in 2008