Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Black Lives Matter Toronto Extorts Pride Parade and 'Wins'

Their demands also included a commitment to increase representation among Pride Toronto staff.
Black Lives Matter Toronto, which was invited by Pride Toronto to help lead this year's parade, brought the procession to a standstill until a list of it's demands were met.

The activist group presented a list of demands at a sit-in halting the city's massive Pride parade for about 30 minutes Sunday, demanding that Toronto police floats and booths be barred from Pride marches, parades and community events.
Jenaya Khan says Black Lives Matter opposes floats accompanied by uniformed, armed officers — calling them a stark reminder of the history of brutality.

A police spokesman said "We're supposed to be celebrating … and now what are we talking about? We're talking about Black Lives Matter and them hijacking the parade to facilitate a political agenda."
Black Lives Matter protesters were triumphant after getting their list of demands signed, allowing the parade to resume. "We shut it down. We won," the group tweeted.

Chuck Krangle, a Toronto police constable who is gay, wrote an open letter to the organization that concludes: "Exclusion does not promote inclusion."