Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chickaboo the ostrich sprints down Malaysian highway to Fame

A runaway ostrich displayed astonishing speed and elusiveness on a Malaysian highway last week, hopping out of a car window and making a break for freedom during a morning commute.

Instagram user Jeff Sandhu recorded the ostrich’s impromptu breakaway, taping the bird sprinting down the right lane of the Federal Highway in Kuala Lumpur as fast as her springy legs could carry her.
Chickaboo was captured safely. Her owner, Darren Chow, was reportedly transferring her to an ostrich farm at the time of the escape. Chickaboo and Chow appeared on late-night Malaysian TV over the weekend, where the bird was tasked with forecasting the winner of the European soccer championships.

Surveying a table with bowls representing eight potential champions, she pecked at the Italian flag. Her choice may not be bird brained. Italy is unbeaten at Euro 2016 so far, leading its group with a pair of shutout victories over Belgium and Sweden.