Friday, June 17, 2016

Dopey Justin Beiber falls in hole

True Beliebers got more than they bargained for when Justin Beiber was adjusting his pants, walking along the stage at SaskTel Centre and then taking a tumble into a hole.

The hole was one of several on the stage that Bieber and his dancers would rise up from during the show, one of his stops on his Purpose World Tour.

There was an audible clunk as Bieber fell, but he seemed no worse for wear. "Good thing I'm like a cat and I landed on my feet," he told the cheering crowd. The singer then continued his show.
Justin Bieber got the worst of it in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday when he punched a 6 ft 5 in fan who wanted an autograph and got knocked down to the ground as a result.

Insiders say Bieber's state of mind has been deteriorating due to the constant stress of being publicly scrutinized. 'Not a scratch on this pretty boy' the Canadian star assured fans.

The pop sensation has been very vocal lately about his feelings towards fans and being treated 'like a zoo animal' when approached for photos.
During game three of the NBA Finals, Bieber was roundly booed by the audience when he appeared on the jumbotron.
He recently posted a follow-up on instagram that has some wondering if he's just about ready to crack.