Friday, August 26, 2016

Hells Angels stopover prompts North Bay businesses to post 'no gangs' signs

Signs are popping up in some restaurants and bars in North Bay that state, "No Gang Colours, No Gang Clothing." The warnings come after a recent visit by the Hells Angels who stopped en route to Ottawa for their Canada Run.

The reference to "colours" refers to the traditional — and recognizable — patches that bikers wear to identify their club membership. "This is not an attempt by any means to target people that are interested in motorcycles, whether it be clubs or organizations, whether it be veterans clubs or Harley Davidson clubs," police said. The goal of the signs, which has the support Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, is to show the clubs that organized crime is not tolerated in the community.
About 75 Hells Angels from across Canada descended on the town which concerned locals. Their presence was described as "intimidating" to business owners and patrons.