Saturday, November 5, 2016

'She did die': Winnipeg woman says daughter revived after Carfentanil overdose

Roxanne Shuttleworth's prayers were answered when her daughter survived an overdose last week. She called it an unintentional overdose because her daughter didn't know she was taking carfentanil.

Her daughter said she and a friend did a drug together. They didn't know what it was. He tried it first, tasting it on the end of his pinky finger. Then, she did the same. He suddenly was leaning on her. She jokingly pushed him over, and he fell back struggling to breathe. Within moments he was turning blue.
Her daughter called 911. When help arrived to take her friend away, she collapsed too. They were both rushed to hospital. Shuttleworth's daughter was treated with naloxone. For two days, she received it every two hours.

Her daughter is recovering and is dealing with severe opiod withdrawl. Her daughter's friend died in hospital. "I would tell other parents, Don't hide it, don't be ashamed, don't be fearful. We can't deal with something hidden. It's got to come out to deal with it. We can't deal with something put away, hidden in a dark corner"