Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fentanyl resistant to Narcan appears

More people are likely to die if they overdose on a new strain of fentanyl which has surfaced in Georgia. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has sounded the alarm over a new strain of synthetic opioid. This one is called acrylfentanyl.

Acrylfentanyl (acryloylfentanyl) is a highly potent analog of fentanyl. It has been sold online as a designer drug. In animal studies it is more potent than fentanyl with a longer duration.
Naloxone and Narcan are lifesaving antidotes to opioid overdoses, but in many cases, they don't seem to work to reverse the effects of acrylfentanyl. In Cook County Illinois, official cite 44 overdose deaths so far this year caused by arcrylfentanyl.

B.C.'s chief medical officer Dr. Perry Kendall raised the issue of acrylfentanyl in May. People who are overdosing on acrylfentanyl require multiple treatments of naloxone in order reverse their overdoses. "One treatment lasts for a little while and then they go down again because the pharmokinetic nature of some of these analogues are different and they last longer".