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Marco Pizzi
Éric Thibault is reporting that in order to protect investigative techniques that allow terrorist suspects to be caught, the RCMP could be forced to sacrifice a major operation against the Montreal mafia. This is what the RCMP and Crown face in the Clemenza Project, where 38 of the 58 accused have already been released without being tried.
The defendants of the Clemenza project are demanding details in what technological means the RCMP intercepted the encrypted text messages they exchanged on their smartphones from 2010 to 2012. The latest is that the Crown was "not yet in a position to respond to the demand" of the last 11 accused. The judge agreed to postpone the case to July at the Crown's request.

Last March, the prosecution obtained a stay of proceedings against about thirty defendants who made the same request.
RCMP investigators said that disclosure of this "sensitive information" would help criminals "adapt" and could hamper future investigations.
In the Raynald Desjardins murder trial rather than complying, the prosecution negotiated with the accused, who then pleaded guilty to reduced charges of conspiracy.

National security investigations have supplanted those of organized crime as the top priority for the RCMP since the 2014 fatal bombings in Ottawa and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.
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Drug House in Tower of Canadians
It was reported in February that two Canadians Tower condos were the main lair of two of the most important drug dealers in Montreal.

About six months after its opening, two apartments in the prestigious skyscrapers were used as a cache for money and drugs. In October 65 kg of cocaine was found inside a parked car in the underground parking lot of the Tower. The vehicle was linked to Fazio Malatesta and Andrea Scoppa.
Investigators observed the two men and their accomplices for three weeks. They moved large bags and suitcases incessantly between the underground parking lot and a condo of the 21st floor rented by Malatesta. Scoppa lived on a unit of the 42nd floor. In addition to cocaine, police seized seven kilos of marijuana, ammunition and $ 70,000 in cash.

There is no indication the developers who built the Tower of Canadians have anything to do with the presence of Mafia bosses in the building. The brother of Andrea Scoppa, Salvatore, received a gun shot in the arm during an attempted murder in Terrebonne, on February 21.
HA Sherbrooke Clubhouse on Slippery Slope
The Judge asked the Hells Angels lawyers if they were still intent on hearing from about 20 bikers who oppose the state confiscation of their Sherbrooke bunker on Wednesday.

The defense had changed their game plan.

Georges Beaulieu

Richard Rousseau
The defense suffered a major blow when the Superior Court judge dismissed all its requests to exclude important evidence in this case. These were confessions made by 24 members at the time when they were found guilty of conspiracy to murder. They all admitted that they had carried out armed surveillance - 'the watch' in their jargon - for their fortress during their war with Rock Machine rivals during the 1990s.

Three founding members of the Sherbrooke Chapter, and owners of the building, Guy "Junior" Auclair, Georges "Boboy" Beaulieu and Richard "Dick" Rousseau were not in the courtroom.

Guy "Junior" Auclair
The "offense property" designation would allow the Crown to confiscate the building valued at $ 424,600. The City claims $ 45,631 since no property taxes have been paid for eight years. A decision will be made this summer after final submissions in June.

The HA are relying on the services of lawyer Mylène Lareau.

Mylène Lareau
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300 Pounds of Cocaine Seized from Canada-Bound Aircraft in Ohio
Traffickers linked to the Lebanese underworld and the Hells Angels have just been cut off after losing a cargo of 132 kg of cocaine in the United States, where one of their pilots made an emergency landing. Police of the anti-gang section of the SPVM dismantled the criminal organization based in Montreal and Laval, making 11 arrests under project 'Affliction'.

This group supplied part of the cocaine sold by the Hells Angels and the Italian mafia in the Greater Montreal area, and assumed the risk of transporting drugs into Quebec through the air. Police believe the organization used private aircraft and pilots from the Dominican Republic. They were selling an average of two kilograms of cocaine a day and collecting $ 3 million in monthly revenue.
Two Quebec residents are in custody facing federal drug charges after the pair attempted to transport nearly 300 pounds of cocaine in a Canada-bound Piper Navajo.
David Ayotte (left) & Sylvain Desjardins
The probe was launched after U.S. Customs and Border Protection assisted with an aircraft about to land illegally in the United States. While in flight, the Canada-bound aircraft diverted its flight path and landed unauthorized at KUNI Ohio University Airport due to 'mechanical problems'.

Investigators found 132 bundles, each weighing about 1 kilogram.

Daniel Poulin, Jean Saoumaa, Jihad Saoumaa, Tony George Saoumaa, Michel Jacques and Martin Lauzon.
An operation carried out last week produced the arrests of 11 people and the seizure of 42 firearms and four crossbows. Thirty-five kilograms of cocaine were also seized. Accounting records indicted the network was able to move 180 kilograms over the course of 90 days.

Six of the 11 arrested appeared before a judge at the Montreal courthouse. That includes Jean Saoumaa, a 57-year-old Laval owner of a clothing company who was fined more than $800,000 in 2009 after he pleaded guilty to tax fraud by using fake receipts to reduce the tax burden of companies he owned. Jean and Jihad Saoumaa, 25, also of Laval, are charged with possession of a drug with the intent to traffic.
Quebec Hells Angels celebrate 39th Anniversary
The Hells Angels celebrated their 39th birthday in Canada on December 17th at a Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel hotel. Police noticed that some of the bikers displayed the name of the city on the front of their jacket. This means that the Quebec section is officially reopened after being inactive for almost eight years since Operation SharQc on April 15, 2009.

Four of the five Hells Angels chapters are active; These are the Montréal, South, Trois-Rivières and Québec sections. Only Sherbrooke is still inactive.
The Montreal Chapter, the first in Canada to be created on December 5, 1977, continued to operate despite Operation SharQc, thanks to the infusion of certain members of the Rock Machine into Hells Angels ranks. The recently disbanded Ontario Nomads was formed 15 years ago with former Rock Machine members.

Investigators also saw members of the newest chapter in New Brunswick. They have been sponsored and even formed partly by bikers from Quebec. At least one former member of the South chapter and another member of the Québec chapter now display the colors of New Brunswick. Recently, the Sûreté du Québec considered the Hells Angels to be the largest criminal organization in Quebec, controlling more than 80% of the territory for drug trafficking.
Hells Angels have dethroned Montreal Mafia
For over 30 years the Rizzuto clan ruled the roost of organized crime in Quebec in partnership with the Hells Angels and street gangs. Now even they are paying taxes for the right to operate. Such an outcome would have been unimaginable for Vito Rizzuto, who ruled with an iron hand while at the top of the pyramid in Quebec.

The natural death of Rizzuto in December 2013 torpedoed the Sicilian Clan and marked the beginning of the end. Project Mastiff-Magot was another heavy blow that weakened and disorganized the mob, which has given way to the new Hells Angels.
Sources say organized crime in Quebec is currently controlled by the Hells Angels, who have established a 'superstructure' guided by 'committee decisions' that put them at the very top of the pyramid.

Reportedly Mario Brouillette, Robert Martin, and brothers Sylvain and François Vachon are on the committee, which uses lieutenants in each region to control puppet clubs for the 'big gang'. It is estimated over 80% of the Province is under their direct control.

Robert Martin
The Hells Angels have taken over former Mob territory and have made inroads into New Brunswick and Ontario. While the Hells Angels ascend, the Montreal Mafia has had no real leader since the Magot Mastiff-operation and the consecutive murders of three prominent members of the Rizzuto clan in 2016. The end of the reign of the Sicilians seems complete.

While the alliance has ended, there is no animosity between bikers and the remaining Sicilian mafiosi. It is unclear if this will remain so if the 'Ndrangheta' (Calabrian mafia region of Italy) reestablishes dominance in Montreal as many suspect.
SQ raid fentanyl production ring in Eastern Townships and South Shore

Police have confirmed that a busted illegal drug lab was producing fentanyl capsules. Police found two tablet presses, an encapsulating machine and a kilogram of what tests later showed to be a mix of Xanax and fentanyl.

The raids were the first time police have dismantled a lab found to be packaging the drug. The drug is usually imported in powdered form, then mixed in Canada and pressed into tablet form. “This is a first for Quebec,” said Sûreté du Québec spokesperson Aurélie Guindon. In total, police seized more than 400 kilograms of raw substances used to make synthetic drugs. Last week’s raids, conducted by the SQ and Boucherville police, also targeted illegal labs producing synthetic drugs in Longueuil, Boucherville and St-Roch-de-Richelieu.
Provincial police say an organized crime network suspected of producing synthetic drugs including fentanyl was the target of raids launched in the Montérégie and Eastern Townships regions. One of the targets was a lab in the Eastern Townships municipality of Potton where it was suspected that the drugs were being turned into pills.

This would mark the first bust of it's type in Quebec.
The SQ said the lab would be dismantled today. They did not say if anyone was arrested during the raids.

Police said the raids resulted in the seizure of numerous items linked to the production and distribution of drugs, including 400 kilograms of chemical precursor, 43 imprinting tools used for marking capsules, a vial of liquid GHB, a stun gun, an imitation firearm and a machine for counting money.
Career Criminal Bruno Hudon busted again

Bruno "Moses" Hudon
Bruno Hudon, 62, a former member of the Hells Angels and brother of Quebec Chapter member Daniel Hudon, was arrested this morning in La Pocatière during a police raid against a network of alleged cocaine traffickers.

Bruno "Moses" Hudon was one of the co-founders of the Quebec chapter of the Hells Angels in 1988 and was vice-president. In 1994 he was expelled on good terms.

In 1999 Hudon was found guilty of burning down a peeler bar. The bar had forbidden him from entering wearing colors. A former associate of the club became informer and testified against him. In 2001 Hudon and some sixty Hells Angels, members of their affiliated clubs, and associates were arrested in a major investigation by the RCMP. He was sentenced to more than 50 months in prison in June 2003
During a ruling in April 2002 Hudon was described as controlling the distribution of narcotics for the La Pocatière region. In March 2012, a prosecutor from the Office of organized crime said the area belonged to the Hells Angels.
Sûreté du Québec raid Devils Ghosts in Montreal : HA puppet club
70 police officers are raiding locations linked to a drug-trafficking ring on Montreal's South Shore this morning. Police say the ring is controlled by members of the Devils Ghosts.

The Sûreté du Québec, Longueuil and Richelieu-Saint-Laurent police forces are taking part in the operation at locations in Longueuil, Saint-Amable, Sainte-Julie and Saint-Bruno. The Devils Ghosts are a relatively new biker gang established by and directly affiliated and controlled by the Hells Angels.
In August five men connected to the Devils Ghosts were charged with drug and weapons offenses after a raid.

Matthew Richiot, Michaël Petardi, Sergio Nesparoli and his son, also named Sergio Nesparoli, as well as Gino Nesparoli were arrested during a joint police operation in Montreal North and Rivière-des-Prairies. Four handguns, one long weapon, ammunition, bulletproof jackets and cocaine was seized.
Sherbrooke Lennoxville HA clubhouse foreiture to be heard January 23rd
The motion for confiscation of the infamous Sherbrooke Hells Angels bunker in Lennoxville will be heard on January 23rd. The Crown and the defense will present their arguments at the Montreal Courthouse. The Sherbrooke Hells Angels bunker has been blocked since Operation SharQc in April 2009. In November 2015, the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) filed a motion for the forfeiture of the bunker and the land.

In its application, the DPCP submits that the building is an offense because crimes have been planned and committed on the property with profits accruing to the Hells Angels. Annual municipal taxes have gone from $ 4464 in 2015 to $ 4123 in 2016 due to a decline in the property's value. The property was valued at $ 454,800. It is now worth $ 424,600.
The Lennoxville massacre was a mass murder which took place at the clubhouse on March 24, 1985. Five members of the Hells Angels North Chapter were shot dead.

This event divided outlaw motorcycle gangs in Quebec, leading to the formation of the Rock Machine, a rival to the Hells Angels. Open gang warfare followed.
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SAINT-LAZARE - Richard Hunt and Mélanie Binette were arrested Monday night in relation to the murders of two members of the Rock Machine committed in Vaudreuil-Dorion. The tactical intervention group of the Sûreté du Québec arrested them in Vaudreuil and Saint-Lazare respectively.
The Sûreté du Québec is asking for the public's help locating a 38-year-old man in connection with a double homicide linked to organized crime.

Richard Hunt, 38, is sought in the deaths of Joseph Fluet, a member of the Rock Machine, and Steven Lamarsh. The Journal de Montréal reported that Joseph Fluet was born as Éric Lefebvre. In May 2001, an expert on biker gangs with the RCMP described Lefebvre as a courier who transported drugs for the Hells Angels in Quebec.
Police say Hunt may be travelling in a grey 2011 Dodge Ram.
One of the two victims who died after having been shot in Vaudreuil-Dorion has been identified as a member of the Rock Machine. The Sûreté du Québec identified the victim as Joseph Fluet, 45, of Laval. Fluet recently finished serving a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to uttering death threats and a long list of crimes in July 2014.
The other victim, described as a man in his 40s, was not identified.
Several years ago colours of the Rock Machine that had folded sometime around 2000 reappeared. Some of its members had joined the Bandidos, a larger international biker gang. Other former Rock Machine members joined the Hells Angels, most notably the influential Salvatore Cazzetta, Gilles Lambert and Andrew "Curly" Sauvageau.

No one has been arrested in connection with the double slaying so far. “This could be tied to organized crime” a police spokesman said without elaborating.
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Hells Angels René Charlebois
René Charlebois rose quickly through the ranks of the Hells Angels in the midst of the biker war in Quebec. He became a member of the elite Nomads chapter, and was a trusted confidant of Maurice 'Mom' Boucher. In 2003 he was convicted for the murder of a police informant.

He was jailed but escaped from Montée Saint-François prison in Laval. 12 days later he was cornered by police and rather than return to prison he shot himself in the head with a Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum revolver. Shortly after his death, tape recordings involving then police star biker investigator Benoît Roberge were forwarded to police. Roberge had been working for the Hells Angels as a spy.
Benoît Roberge, 53 pleaded guilty on March 13, 2014, to participating in or contributing to the activities of a criminal organization and to committing a breach of trust as a police officer. Roberge was granted his release following a hearing before the Parole Board of Canada in August.

Benoît Roberge spent 29 months in custody of his 8 year sentence.
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Quebec Hells Angels award 'golden pension' to Michel 'the animal' Smith
The Hells Angels have awarded a golden parachute to one of their most influential members in Quebec, who will receive a $ 10,000 monthly pension after 23 years of loyal service. It is under this lucrative deal that Michel "L'Animal" Smith, a pillar of the South chapter, has decided to withdraw from the motorcycle gang.

Smith, who previously bore the name of Michel Lajoie-Smith, withdrew from the band "with honor" - or in "good standing". The 54-year-old ex-biker received his patches as a member in good standing on December 5, 1993. According to Le Journal, Smith was one of only two Hells Angels at the executive table with the Italian mafia to control the cocaine market in the Greater Montreal area.
Police believe Smith sponsored the first chapter of the Hells Angels in Ecuador last spring. In March in the capital, Quito, the Devils Clowns officially joined the ranks of the Hells Angels.

The establishment of a charter in this country is strategic since Ecuador is one of the main places through which Colombia cocaine transits, before being exported to North America.
A retiree on good terms with the Hells Angels must have the date of his departure under his tattoo with the effigy of the gang. Club rules stipulate that a retired member on good terms must have the date of his retirement below his "official" Hells tattoo.

Those who leave in "bad standing" must remove or camouflage their tattoos.
Dayle Fredette - "the other informer" of Operation SharQc
SharQc's flagship informant was Sylvain Boulanger, who received $ 2.9 million and avoided any criminal charges in exchange for his confidences to the police. Dayle Fredette signed his contract of informer on February 8, 2012. His reward? $ 15,000 spread over the 25 years of incarceration he will have to serve, plus $ 50 a month to defray his canteen in prison. The government also agrees to pay his two children monthly financial assistance of $ 150 until they are 18 years old.

Like Boulanger, the "other informer" never had to testify in court, which finally ended in September 2016. At 15, Fredette was the pusher of his school. At 17, he lived in the den of a motorcycle club. At 28, after committing his first murder, he became a member of the Hells Angels.
In December 1992 Fredette was sent to the federal penitentiary Leclerc in Laval to serve a five-year sentence. Several Hells Angels were incarcerated there, including Michel "Jinx" Genest and Jacques "La Pelle" Pelletier, both convicted for their role in the Lennoxville Massacre. "Genest had brought me in and asked me what I wanted to do in life," Fredette told the SQ. I replied that I wanted to become a Hells Angel. He said, "OK, that's what I wanted to know." After that I became a henchman for Genest and Pelletier and I was a drug dealer for them. "

In 1994, the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine went to war. After his release in 1997, his friends who had risen in rank among the Hells Angels, made him the proposal that he had been waiting for. "There Jos asks me if I am ready to wage war with them. He explains to me that I have to kill Rock Machine. I told them I was ready. That I wanted to become a Hells Angel too."
Fredette became a capable and prolific hitman. His stock quickly fell when he refused to kill Mario Bergeron. That job was handled by others but it was Fredette who went to recover the patches of member in good standing Bergeron to burn them, as was stipulated by the regulations of the club during an internal purge.

Bergeron's body was said to have been buried in New Brunswick and has never been found.